1001 Nights Tangos of Istanbul in London

Originally posted on June 3, 2019 @ 2:00 pm

Orients Ensemble’s ‘Istanbul’s 1001 Night Tangos’ concert, which consisted of completely Turkish tangos for the first time in London, was greatly enjoyed by the audience. Next on the tour list are Turkey and the other European countries.

The first performance of Istanbul’s 1001 Night Tangos with the unique interpretation of the Orients Ensemble was held at St James’ Islington on April 6. The concert, which completely consisted of Turkish tangos, was played to a huge audience. According to the tenor Ethem Demir, the creator of the project and the founder of the group, the audience left the concert hall quite satisfied.
Other members of the Orients Ensemble, who came together December 2018 to form the musical group, are oud artist Baha Yetkin, clarinet artist Filiz Yılmaz, cellist Aylin Aybek and pianist Rasim Yağız İlhan. All of the tangos performed at the concert were rearranged by Ethem Demir for the group. Ethem Demir, who started his professional music career at the newly established State Polyphonic Choir in 1988, performed as a soloist besides working for the choir. He incorporated the folk songs called Kalinka and Hava Nagila into the choir repertoire and worked as a lyricist and translator. He also went on secondment as a chorister, a soloist and an actor at the Istanbul branch of the Turkish State Opera and Ballet. He has appeared as a soloist in three of the 16 CD album projects he took part in. Living in London for 2 years, he founded the London Vox Polyphonic Choir and Düşyeri Polyphonic Chorus for Children. Demir is also a member of the London Symphony Chorus.
Orients Ensemble will reperform the same concert in west London. Afterwards, their plan is to visit various European countries and even deliver a performance in Turkey. Orients Ensemble’s future projects and schedule can be followed at www.orients.co.uk. u

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