5 values that TurkishBank’s prepaid card Nakito will add to your life

Originally posted on September 6, 2019 @ 10:03 am

According to statistics, there are 67.8 million credit card and 154.6 million debit card users in Turkey. In reality, these are not the only options for consumers. All the transactions you can do with credit and debit card can be done with a single prepaid card. Especially when you’re traveling, you can use prepaid cards effortlessly and securely. These are the 5 values TurkishBank’s prepaid card Nakito will add to your life, according to TurkishBank Private Banking Director Berrin Cankay.

Use Nakito Abroad Effortlessly with 4 Different Currencies
Nakito has 4 different currency options: Turkish Lira, Dollar, Euro and Pound. So you can use your Nakito card effortlessly when you’re abroad. You can withdraw money with very little expenses and use your card in many places.

No More Worrying Over Stolen/Lost Cards
If your Nakito card is stolen or lost, just apply to a TurkishBank or any other group banks to get your new Nakito card, and transfer your balance with ease to your new Nakito card. Even if you are abroad, you will get your Nakito card as fast as possible.

Safe Online Shopping
Many people are hesitant to shop online because of safety reasons. With Nakito card, by depositing only as much as you need, you can experience online shopping with a peace of mind.

Nakito Card Supports Your Wallet
You can calculate the amount of money you are planning to spend at the beginning of the month, deposit that money to your Nakito card, and plan ahead for your payments and expenses. Therefore you won’t be exceeding your limits and manage your budget in a well disciplined fashion.
Forget About High Costs and Card Fees
Nakito card does not have an annual fee. You can make deposits from your bank account to your Nakito card whenever you want. You should also know that making deposits are completely free! No matter where you are in the world, you can withdraw money from ATMs for a symbolic fee of 8 Turkish Liras.
To get your own Nakito card, you can visit TurkishBank branches. For more info, please visit www.turkishcards.com

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