80% of individuals with dyslexia have average or gifted intelligence

According to Dyslexia International data, there are 700 million people with dyslexia worldwide. Contrary to popular saying that dyslexia is a mental retardation, Turkey Dyslexia Foundation President Elif Yavuz said, “80% of these people are gifted and they leave their mark on society if routed correctly.”


According to domestic studies, although there is no official screening, there are more than 20 thousand dyslectic children in Turkey. Elif Yavuz, who stated that one out of every 5 children in the world has dyslexia, said: “Society has a very wrong opinion about dyslexic individuals. However, dyslexia is not an obstacle, it is literally a gift. About 80% of dyslexic individuals are gifted, and when they are directed correctly, they become individuals who leave their mark in society. Just like Einstein, Agahta Christie or Walt Disney. There are also a lot of dyslectic names within the individuals who lead the world and art history. These people are not disabled but only require different forms of learning. And if their differences are noticed and directed at the right time, they can print their names among the names that society appreciate.”

“Varsa Yoksa Disleksi” starts on November 27

Stating that they are preparing to implement a series of social responsibility projects that they have been working on for a long time to inform and raise awareness about dyslexia, Elif Yavuz said, “We will organize an online event sponsored by Traveyo Tourism between 27-29 November. This event is open to the public; It comes with full content in every aspect such as workshops, seminars, academic studies, artist videos and street interviews. The most important part is an online test for dyslexia. Participants will be able to access this online test for themselves and their children completely free of charge. At the end of the test, it will be understood whether the person concerned is in the risk group or not, and people in the risk group will be able to get help from experts in our foundation by contacting us.”

According to the statement made by the foundation; “Varsa Yoksa Disleksi” is social responsibility project aims to reach 5.5 million people in total and collect important data on dyslexia in Turkey as a result.

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