A local experience: Hampstead

When the idea of walking on Oxford Street or strolling through Hyde Park seems just a bit too cheesy, there are plenty of local options to experience in this vibrant town.

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Hampstead, being one of the most authentic villages in London, is an alternative to the touristy town centre. It has true urban romance which offers a distinguished selection of coffee shops, boutiques, natural beauty in the Hampstead Heath, although it’s pretty close to central London.
Hampstead is easily reached by Northern Line, on the Edgware branch.
Hampstead Tube Station is right on the Hampstead High Street where a short stroll can take you lots of breakfast spots such as La Pain Quotidien, Paul, Gail’s. If you prefer a nonchain option, however, you can try Melrose& Morgan situated on Oriel Place. Another local good coffee and breakfast place is Ginger & White at Perrin’s Court, which is famous for its artisan coffee. The Villa Bianca, also on the same street, is the ideal restaurant for a romantic lunch break.
On Flask Walk, popping into an antique dealer and traditional bookshop called Keith Fawkes, owned by a descendant of Guy Fawkes, is true hidden gem for second-hand book lovers. If you’re into a vintage fashion lover, finding a good old designer piece in Exclusivo Second Hand Designer Store by chance can brighten up your day.
Stepping down to Flask Walk will take you to one of the most unmissable streets in Hampstead. Walking through Flask Walk and taking photos of the houses with colourful doors is well-liked and highly promoted by Instagrammers. At the end of this cute street, a historical local gem will be waiting for you to explore. Hampstead Museum and Burgh House is a beautiful building that will take you a journey through time from the hustle of the city life. I highly recommend to visit the Hampstead Museum and check at the art gallery in Burgh House. You can also check the small cafe on the lower floor of the House which has mouth pleasing cakes and afternoon tea snacks.
One of the best parts of Hampstead is exploring its natural beauty and magical woodland simply by walking through the Heath! Get lost in the enchanting paths of this huge park, wander through the exquisite garden of the Kenwood House and take a break in the garden terrace of the Brew House. Having a picnic on the lawns of Kenwood House is a summer ritual in Hampstead. Don’t miss the chance to check the stunning London view of the Parliament Hill on the edge of the Heath, it’s a view to remember!
Hope you have a great time in this urban village of London!

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