A Location of Desire; Bozcaada

Located in the northern part of the Aegean Sea, Bozcaada is one of the most special places in Turkey. The island mesmerises people with its unspoiled beauty. There aren’t many Greeks left in the island, but still you can see their traces, from architecture to cuisine, in every aspect of life. Bozcaada is a place no one wants to leave.

Ferry leaves from Geyikli, 50 kilometers away from Canakkale, and arrives to Bozcaada in about half an hour. Ferries depart and arrive quite frequently during summer, whereas in winter they become thin. Ferries carry both vehicles and passengers. When the ferry arrives at the islands centre, you are greeted with Bozcaada Castle on your right and the old harbor on your left. Right in front of you, you can see classical Turkish and Greek houses, minarets of a mosque and the bell tower of the only church in the island.
Due to overfishing, fishery is not quite what it used to be in the island. But you can still see fishing boats of variety colours, waiting for the day when they can set sail for the blue seas again. Still though, at night, some boats come back with calamari, octopuses and a little bit of fish in their ponds. You can feast your eyes with the scenic views of taverns; the sea, the harbor, the boats and the moonlight, all of which complemented by Aegean appetizers, tasty wines and Turkey’s beloved Raki, creating a wonderful ambience.

One Side of the Street is Greek, the Other is Turkish
When you step off the ferry, you are going to find yourself in place that will make you feel like you’ve travelled in time. As mentioned before, the island is a natural beauty, not only with its nature, but also with its historical fabric, that is not affected by or oriented for tourism.
The cobblestone pavement you’re walking on was a stream that separated the two villages, decades ago. It was filled and it is now used as a road. Even though there aren’t many Greeks left, one side of you is a Turkish village and the other side is a Greek village. Life moves fast on the Greek side, as it is full of businesses, taverns and hotels. Turkish side is a bit more slow paced, as it is mostly made up of houses.
The island also has a place for itself in Greek Mythology. According to the legend,the island belongs to Tennes, who arrived there in a locked chest three thousand years ago. Well, the island was previously called “Tenedos” for a long time, meaning the island of Tennes.

Every beach has its own magic and beauty
The legendary beauty of its sea, bays and beaches are the primary reasons why people visit Bozcaada in summer. The most popular beaches of the island are the ones located in the south and sheltered from the north-east wind. Ayazma Beach is one of the most special beaches in Turkey. Sulubahce and Habbele are the two neighbouring beaches of Ayazma Beach. Akvaryum Beach resembles an aquarium because of its natural characteristic. Beylik Beach, lately known for the stranded ship there, still maintains its popularity after the ship was removed last year. These are some of the popular beaches of Bozcaada. There is also Cayır Beach, with its pristine sands and the highest hill on the island Goztepe (193 meters). It is a great place for people who love wind and kite surfing with its wavy sea and wind coming from southwest.

Internationally Praised Wines
Throughout the history, the island has been known for its famous vineyards. The fame of the island’s special Cavus grape went beyond the borders of the island. It’s been told that the Cavus grape was once a much anticipated fruit in Istanbul’s market. Lately, the viniculture took a backseat as, agriculture became harder as touristic activities generate more income now. Other than Cavus grape, island’s domestic grapes are Kuntra, Karalahna and Vasilaki. The special vines of the island are drawing attention from both Turkey and the foreign countries.

Every Moment is Special Here
You can enjoy the magic of the streets in Bozcaada city center. Bozcaada has beautiful days and nights. The island shows its beauty not only at summer but also at spring and autumn. In the spring, the island has an extraordinary view with colourful flowers, blooming vineyards, emanating grass and nice pathways where you can walk as much as you like. In autumn, the island becomes a place where you can enjoy its grapes, chill out and have a conversation under a plane tree or attend to Bozcaada International Festival of Ecological Documentary (BIFED), one of the island’s most authentic festivals, and watch ecological documentaries all around the world while sipping your vine. You have lots of reasons to see Bozcaada, and the island is waiting for you!

Amaranda Ada Evi is waiting for you!
Amaranda, or as locals call it “purple flowers’’ are seen as heralds of summer. Local women used to wear crowns made of Amaranda, sharing the bloom of spring. They would invite the blessings of summer by making garlands out of Amaranda and placing it on their doors.
Amaranda gets its name from the fairy tales.”The magical flower that never fades” they say…
Amaranda Ada Evi opens its doors for you to experience the untouched beauty of Bozcaada, the refreshing wind of North Aegean, the magic of the vineyards, the clean sea, lonely beaches and the stars that brighten the nights.

According to the legend,the island belongs to Tennes, who arrived there in a locked chest three thousand years ago. Well, the island was previously called “Tenedos” for a long time, meaning the island of Tennes.

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