Breathing Wisely. Which breathing exercises should I practice?

Practicing breathing techniques during the pandemic of corona virus is very dangerous and risky. Subsequently, people need to protect their lungs and immune system and breath wisely.

Nevsah is a breath expert, faculty member at Breathing Sciences and the Vice President of Graduates responsible for European operations. She has been researching, studying and teaching breathing habits and healthy respiration for over 20 years.

One of the many questions she has been receiving lately is ‘’What do I need to do with my breathing? Which breathing exercises should I practice?’’ Her answer is none. At this present moment in time, none of the breathing exercises will work and they may even make this situation worse.

Nevsah believes this is a time where we need to be breath wisely. “Breathing is not separate from respiration. Our respiratory chemical axis changes every time we manipulate our breathing. Only a balanced respiratory chemical axis leads to healthy lungs. Do not manipulate your breathing, stop playing with it,” she explains “Do not practice breathing techniques unless you have a capnograph at home and are able to watch what is happening to your respiration moment by moment.”

Nevsah’s advice is, do not breathe deeply and do not manipulation your breath in any way. This is because you are changing the respiratory chemical axis every time you manipulate your breathing and that will weaken your lungs and your immune system.

Even if it does affect our respiratory chemical axis for a while, practicing breathing modalities for psychological reasons was fine when there was no virus. Our bodies could cope with that. But now, we have to breathe wisely.

It is important to understand that healthy breathing is not having a breathing habit. Only when we let the respiratory reflexes that are governed by our brain work properly will have a healthy breathing habit and healthy lungs.

Changing our breathing, controlling exercises, deep or diagrammatic breathing will change the respiratory chemical axis. It will put you into respiratory alkalosis or acidosis. Respiratory alkalosis or acidosis weakens your immune system and it weakens your lungs.

She reiterates that we should not breath deeply saying. “This is not a good time to breathe deeply. Let the breath happen by itself. Trust your body. Trust the brain. The brain knows what your body needs to do for healthy respiration. You don’t!”

Today people are dieting because they do not have healthy breathing habits!
Nevsah is warning individuals to stop playing with their breath without having any knowledge of respiration. Her advice if you want to have a healthy breathing habit and support your immune system is to do the following:
1. Meditate.
2. Rest.
3. Concentrate on ‘’letting go of control’’ and surrendering.
4. Work on your mind, try to see the benefit of this situation.
5. Stop fighting with your humanity. Accept what you feel, who you are. That will help you breathe naturally.
6. Let go of your need to relax. Accept all there is.
7. Let go of your need to change, feel better. Every time you want to feel better, you are manipulating your breath and changing the respiratory chemical axis which will weaken your lungs.
8. Accept your self, your emotions, thoughts.
9. Stop running away from yourself.

Believing that COVID-19 is a wake-up call Nevsah wants everybody to know it is time to stop all manipulation and trust our own bodies, brains and immune systems but specifically our breath. To put it simply Our bodies know how to breathe, we don’t!

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