British Kebab Awards 2019 Winners Revealed

With £2,8 billion worth of contribution to the British economy, Kebab has become one of the bedrocks of British cuisine. 7th annual “British Kebab Awards” was held as a celebration of the kebab industry’s successes in the UK.

Kebab might be the most famous taste of Turkish cuisine… Wherever you go on this planet, you can find a kebab restaurant or a kebab “fanatic” looking for a good kebab to eat. UK is one of these places. UK has many people who are curious about foods from different cultures and Turkish cuisine is one of the most in demand cuisine of all. Crown jewel of Turkish cuisine, kebab, is a taste to savour for everyone from all cultures…
Kebab restaurants are everywhere in London and in UK. And they are in demand, which says a lot about Turkish cuisine’s effect on English food culture, its contribution to UKs economy and its effect on daily life.
It’s not just kebab though. You can find many types of food, appetisers, desserts and pastries from Turkish cuisine in UK that has made a place for itself in food culture and economy here. These establishments have regular customers from all ethnic groups. Again, it shows clearly that kebab is not a Turkish only food anymore. It is a meal for all to enjoy, in the evening’s table or as a fast food delivery option, throughout the country.
Turkish Kebab’s contribution to the British economy reaches £2,8 billion
There is a massive demand for Kebab and as a result, there is an equally massive take-away network created by Kebab restaurants. Kebab’s significant contribution to UK’s economy and food culture is celebrated annually with “British Kebab Awards” sponsored by JUST EAT and founded by CEFTUS. 7th Annual “British Kebab Awards’’ were held this year and the best and the most successful Kebab restaurants and take-aways were revealed.
Kebab regulars go for the best, but the industry in general displays a very interesting image. Kebab industry contributes £2,8 billion worth of contribution to the British economy. Approximately 200.000 people are employed in Kebab restaurants, providers or in take-away shops. It is the biggest food industry in the UK.
An estimated number of 1.3 million Kebabs are sold everyday in UK. More than 20.000 Kebab restaurants sell 2.5 tonnes of lamb and chicken doner kebab. There are 200 doner kebab suppliers in UK and they generate over 750 million Pounds of revenue.

7th Year of British Kebab Awards
This year’s curiously awaited winners of the 7th annual “British Kebab Awards” were revealed. British Kebab Awards were sponsored by UK’s biggest online food-order website Just Eat, Cobra Beer, Bira London, Holland Bazaar, Unilever, Quandoo, Toyota and Altan&Co this year. After 3 months of nominations and voting by the public, a jury made up of leading names in politics, media and business world revealed the winners in 16 categories. MP Nadhim Zahawi, Tracy Brabin, London Assembly Member Jennette Arnold, Deputy Mayor Joanne McCartney, the founder of City AM newspaper Lawson Muncaster, business people Mustafa Topkaya, Altan Kemal and Ali Matur and Director of Cobra Beers Samson Sohail were present in the jury. Taste, level of hygiene, customer satisfaction and quality of ingredients are just some of the criteria the nominees competed to meet…
The awards were handed to the winners in a night of celebration, in attendance of politicians, celebrities, journalists and most importantly the restaurant workers of this country, who work hard every day with devotion.

Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of Labour Party and a vegetarian, said “ It’s strange really. As one who choses not to eat meat and chooses not to drink… I love kebab shops. I love what they do! I like that they have Falafel in their shops” during his speech while presenting British Kebab Awards.

Many Thanks to Thousands of Workers in Kebab Industry
British Kebab Awards aims to promote the restaurants, suppliers and workers of kebab industry and show how much they contribute to UK both culturally and economically. According to Ibrahim Dogus, Director of CEFTUS and the founder of British Kebab Awards, these awards increase people’s desire for kebab and help kebab spread even more in UK.
He specifically pointed out the unceasing efforts and passion of industry’s workers. “ We tried to measure the extent of the market while we were analyzing the economic and social effects of the industry on UK. The aim of this award is to proudly show and approve the best of kebab industry; local producers, restaurants, chiefs, shops and take-away businesses from all corners of the UK ” said Dogus.
He continued “ We are grateful for unsung heroes, who work hard every day in restaurants and in take-away businesses. What’s more is, we give people the chance to say that they have the best kebab restaurant, with certainty. Wherever they are, our local restaurants and kebab take-aways are the hearts of their main street. More and more kebab restaurants are becoming a part of our lives. People’s perception of kebab has changed as well. Once it was thought as a unhealthy food for midnight snacking, now it is being sold and consumed in many different forms.”
After the awards ceremony, Prime Minister Theresa May and many UK MPs pointed out the contribution on kebab industry to UK’s economy and congratulated award winning firms and sponsors of the organisation.

The Winners of the British Kebab Awards 2019
• Just Eat Best Delivery: Wallington Express, Batman Grill
• Cobra Fine Dining Restaurant: Skewd Kitchen
• Quandoo Customer Satisfaction Award: Uni Kebab
• Ben & Jerry’s Best Newcomer Restaurant: Antep Kitchen, Usta Restaurant, Doner&Gyros
• Booker/Macro Best Value Restaurant: Veyso’s Restaurant Romford, Ruyam Restaurant
• Best Kebab in North and West London: Testi Restaurant
• Bira Best Kebab Restaurant in South and East London: Lara Grill, Altan&Co
• Best Takeaway in London: Archway Kebab
• Kebab Van of the Year: Ahmed’s Bar-B-Q
• Best Takeaway Regional: Knaphill Charcoal Grill, Masters Kebab
• Best Kebab Restaurant in Northern Ireland: Chaska Enniskillen
• Best Kebab Restaurant in Scotland: Verdo Turkish BBQ, Ada Restaurant
• Best Kebab Restaurant in Wales: Golden BBQ
• Big K Best Kebab Restaurants Regional: Alim-Et Restaurant, Turknaz Restaurant
• Duncan Lewis Best Chef Award: Bekzod Khamratulov ( Hazev Restaurant ),
Ahmet Kabayel ( Pircio Restaurant )
• Sustainability Award: I Am Doner