Coronavirus restrictions started in the UK

The second lockdown decision taken by the Government to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19) was voted in the British Parliament and entered into force today.

In the voting held in the House of Commons in UK, the government’s quarantine arrangement to combat the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) was accepted with 38 votes to 516. According to the decision, England goes into quarantine from tonight until December 2.

What is included in the new restrictions?

With the measures taken, it is aimed to break the chain of infection by minimizing social life. The public were asked not to leave the house except for activities such as exercising, going to work, school or shopping. People from outside the household cannot be gathered at home. Activities such as walking can only be done with a person from a different household. Restaurants and cafes will be closed, but take away will be allowed.

The measures taken are intended to ease the pressure on the country’s health system before the Christmas period. On the other hand, it was stated that schools and universities will remain open this time, contrary to the measures taken in the first wave in the spring.

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