We are going to be the voice of Turkish business people…

Dear readers,

We are glad to meet you on these fine sunny days, especially after a long and harsh winter.

The Turkish community in the UK is not only successful at cultural integration, but also plays a very important role in the business world. We set out to better promote this dynamic community and to build an economic bridge between Turkey and the UK.

These are the reasons why we put all our enthusiasm and effort into making this first issue of our magazine.

Why do we publish?

“Turkish British” will keep you up to date with business news and tell the success (and sometimes failure) stories of entrepreneurs in this country.

The Turkish – speaking community in the UK,  is now more than 400.000 strong, is not only. We can confidently say that especially in the last 10 years, a lot of entrepreneurs specialising in a variety of jobs have settled here via the Ankara Agreement or entrepreneur visa.

We, as the publishers of Turkish British magazine, came to the UK as entrepreneurs as well. Therefore, we would like to share our ideas, experience and know-how on how to create economic value in this country.

Brexit will affect Turkish business people as well

Dispute and uncertainty over Brexit has affected the economic activities in the UK and will have both positive and negative effects on Turkish companies and entrepreneurs. Most important of which will be the annulment of ECAA  Ankara Agreement. It’s been in effect since 1964 and it is a quite in-demand visa category.

However, we believe that creating effective networks between Turkish and British business people would, at least, minimise the negative impacts of Brexit.

As “Turkish British”, our aim is to help the Turkish speaking community, non-profit organisations and business people create new networks and support their promotional activities. Our another goal is to solidify the economic bridge between Turkey and the UK, thereby creating new markets for the business people in both countries.

“Turkish British” will be published on a one-month-Turkish, one-month-English basis, making in total 6 issues printed in Turkish and 6 issues in English annually. We most certainly would appreciate your invaluable feedback on both the desing and content of our new magazine.

Yours sincerely,


Ayla Torun, Ph.D


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