The expected has come true! UK officially left the EU

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We are here with the first issue of 2020… As the Turkish British Magazine, we are also embarking on a new era in 2020. We will continue to publish our magazine every two months, but from now on, each issue will be simultaneously published in English and Turkish. The English version will continue to be published in print, and the Turkish version will be available to read online, at the same time. In this new era, we are also bringing you another innovation… Using the advantages of technology, you will be able to read the magazine by scanning the QR code on its cover. You can access the .pdf versions of the magazine in both languages from your mobile phone, with the help of the QR code. As the Turkish British Magazine, we will be publishing 6 issues in 2020 and we are also preparing sector-specific supplements where we will focus on the various agenda of the world of business.  We have already started working on our special supplement on “Turkish Tourism“, which will be available with our March-April issue.

Brexit remains on the agenda…

In the first issue of 2020, we have analysed the developments after the general election, which was the most important issue in UK’s agenda. The first order of business is, of course, Brexit…

In the snap general election in Britain last month, the Conservative Party won with an overwhelming majority and immediately began working. The Brexit vote also came out of Parliament very quickly. By 31 January 2020, Britain will have officially left the European Union. However, ongoing trade relationships will continue as before during the transition period, until 31 December 2020.

2020 will be an important year for both the Turkish and the British economies. With the Brexit process, the UK has become a target market with high potential for Turkey. This process offers important opportunities to Turkish businesspeople. A period of mutual cooperation and investments begins in many sectors, from real estate to food, health to tourism, retail to textiles. As Turkish British, we pay close attention to this process.

Regarding this process, we are also aware that Turkish businesspeople are keeping a close eye on the Ankara Agreement… Applications for the Ankara Agreement, which is of great importance to Turkish businesspeople, will continue until 31 December 2020. Meanwhile, objections to the changes in the application terms for the Ankara Agreement in 2018 and their retrospective implementation are still ongoing, and the legal process is pending before the court. The case initiated by those AA visaholders who were adversely affected by the changes, will be assessed by the Court of Appeal and the hearing will take place on March 26, 2020. We will be following the details.

The details of the announcement that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and his wife Duchess Meghan Markle are stepping back from their royal duties, which had a bombshell effect on the global agenda, are also included among this issue’s highlights.

An aspiration 60 years in the making, the first “Fully Domestically Produced Car” in Turkey was introduced last month. While some people really liked it, others criticized it. We present you our review in this issue, without any comments, leaving you to praise or critique. As the global transition to electric cars is gaining speed, the electric car planned to be produced in Turkey has noteworthy characteristics with its technological features and design.

We are happy to present you with our magazine once again, with original content ranging from British street food to news from the economy and world of business, startup projects, technology, health, culture and art.

In the new era, our magazine will continue to be distributed in Turkey and the UK. It will continue to appear at significant events. Turkish British has undertaken an important mission in both the UK and Turkey. Similar to the previous year, we will continue to participate in international events of the business world, as a media sponsor or partner and bring them to our readers with our magazine.

We are very proud of our online reading rates, which have quickly reached very high figures. Our magazine is followed and read by approximately 50,000 people every month, and we thank you for all your support.

You can also follow the Turkish British magazine on our website and subscribe to online and print versions to be delivered to your address.

Please continue to share your news and suggestions with us.

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