Fiyu spread his wings, rising to the sky

Fiyu and Pupa magazines, which are prepared by a journalist and immigrant mother, contribute to the language improvement of children living outside Turkey and speaking Turkish and aim to put forward the wealth of the Turkish language.

Fiyu, which is a school-age magazine prepared for the children living outside Turkey and speaking Turkish, and Pupa, designed for pre-school aged children, begin their publication lives. Fiyu, which has started its journey by aiming on preparing contents that will make the children look at events and concepts from a window appropriate for them, takes its name from an immigrant duck flying to Turkey from the northern countries.

The magazines, which are prepared by Lydia Media founded by a journalist and immigrant mother, aim to reveal the richness of Turkish language with comic books designed specifically to contribute to children’s language development and reading habits, and articles on current topics and activity pages.

In the magazine, in which Turkey’s cultural and natural wealth will also be featured, there will be a comprehensive files section in which current events and concepts will be brought to the forefront with fiction and documentary contents. The magazines, which are prepared with approaches affirming the differences from technology to sports, from art to culinary culture, adopt approaches that will facilitate the adaptation process to the culture of the place where children live.

Fiyu, which describes its beginning motto as “We trust children. We respect them. We deliver the childhoods of children who are tiny individuals with their perceptions, opinions, preferences, wishes, dreams, goals and objectives”, is prepared by a team of experienced people in the field of contents for the children.

Fiyu will be published once in two months as of September 2019 and Pupa as of October 2019 in London and they will be distributed from England to the world via subscription system at

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