Flying Broom in its 24th Anniversary!

The 24th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival which spent its first week on online screenings has started physical displays on June 4. In the festival where movies that are directed by female directors from all over the world are shown, 12 movies competing for the Fipresci award at the festival.

Arranged with the theme of Getting Out of Purgatory this year, the festival comprises productions that consist of the stories of women who resist, inspire and support each other from all over the world. In the festival of 2021 which was held in two stages, online screenings ended on June 3. Festival movies are going to meet with the audience between June 4-11 at Doğan Taşdelen Contemporary Arts Center and also at the open-air movie theatre in the CerModern. 2021 Flying Broom Awards were given to their owners with the award ceremony held at Cer Modern on 4 June.

The Awards Were Given to Their Owners in the Ceremony on 4 June.

The awards are given by the 24th Flying Broom International Women’s Film Festival which is organized by the Flying Broom Foundation and with the contributions of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cinema of the Republic of Turkey, to emphasise the significance of women’s works in Turkish cinema and to encourage the new generation of women filmmakers, were given to their owners with the ceremony on the evening of June 4th. Honour Awards went to actress Nur Sürer and actress-singer Zuhal Olcay; Achievement awards went to actress-singer Ayta Sözeri, actress Demet Evgar, musician Ekin Fil and Meetings on the Bridge (Köprüde Buluşmalar) director Gülin Üstün; Young Witch Award were given to Ahsen Eroğlu.

Among the actresses who are awarded in Flying Broom Nur Sürer’s starring Cherry Blossom Blossom (Kiraz Çiçek Açıyor), Hidden Face (Gizli Yüz) starring Zuhal Olcay, Between the Family ( Aile Arasında) Demet Evgar and Ayta Sözeri and Anxiety (Kaygı) with the music of Ekin Fil are the movies that are the films to be screened within the framework of the festival.

The THRESHOLD – Women’s Platform for Equality, which was established to protect the gained rights of women is about a strike started in Argentina and spread to all Latin America, and the women’s right to abortion which called Ni Una Menos (We Will Not Miss One More) that born from the struggle for the right to abortion of Polish women named Strajk Kobiet (Women’s Strike), which defends the fundamental rights of women with its strike practice is regarded as a theme award, this year.

12 Movies Compete for the FIPRESCI Award

The films that will compete for the FIPRESCI Award at the festival is going to be displayed both online and at the festival venues in the section called Each Different Color. As I Want which is a Samaher Alqadi’s documentary, was also screened at the Berlin Film Festival, that is about the revolt of Egyptian women against the gang rapes that took place in the streets during the demonstrations on the second anniversary of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution; Charter, which is directed by Amanda Kernell’s, a woman (Alice) who cannot meet with her children after a difficult divorce process due to her husband that she takes all kinds of risks and smuggles her children to the Canary Islands; Made in Bangladesh, in which ubaiyat Hossain tells the story of Shiumu, a textile worker who was overwhelmed by the pressure he received from the bosses at work and from his wife at home that decided to form a union with the women in the factory where he worked; When I’m Done Dying, which was written and directed by Nisan Dağ, also which stands out with the soundtracks made for the film, where the character Fehmi tells the story of rap and addiction, set in a poor district of Istanbul; The Man Who Sold His Skin, where Kaouther Ben Hania tells the story of Sam Ali, a Syrian refugee who consented to have his skin turned into a work of art by a world-famous artist in order to go to Europe, are the movies which are going to be evaluated by the FIPRESCI jury.

Tickets for the displays which will be held at the Doğan Taşdelen Contemporary Arts Center and the open-air cinema in CerModern will be sold on Biletix as of June 1st.