Full Steam Ahead on E- Commerce

Aaron Sarac is now one of the most successful investors in the United Kingdom with Pointis

Pointis Solutions, founded by Aaron Sarac in 2016 in the UK, achieved great success in a short amount of time. Handling Amazon operations management for clients from various countries including Turkish, USA and European firms, Pointis created more than 4 million Pounds of trade volume in the last year.

Pointis Solutions started its service 3 years ago in United Kingdom. Aaron (Harun) Sarac is the founder of the company, which is one of the leading companies in e-commerce management. He is enjoying great success as he passes on his experience and knowledge, into his company.
His first steps abroad was to get education, which was in 2002 in Zurich University. He went back to Turkey in 2004 and started a small advertising agency. 3 years later he went to Shanghai, China as a business development consultant for a short project and in 2009 he went back to Turkey again. He worked as a product and project manager in one of the biggest telecommunication firms in Turkey until 2014. After that, he went on to become the head consultant for Value-Added Services and API Business Development group at Qatar based Ooredoo, one of the world’s leading telecommunications firm. As a part of Ooredoo, Sarac developed joint projects with Google, Facebook, Samsung, Huawei, Amazon and many more. At the beginning of 2016, Sarac completed his project at Ooredoo and instead of going back to Turkey, Sarac moved to UK. His career as an entrepreneur started in 2004 and in 2016, he reached a new high by founding Pointis Solutions. “My existing network provided me with a great advantage. It was also important that most of the colleagues and friends of mine back in Qatar were British, as that played a crucial role” Sarac stated.

We aim to become one of the UK’s leading companies in E-Commerce
Pointis Solutions, founded by Sarac is active on 3 main fields, E-Commerce management(End to end marketplace operations management in Amazon especially), digital transformation and value added services content aggregation. In all 3 fields, various tasks are being carried out in many countries. Secret of their success is the blending of international sales experience and technical knowledge.
E-Commerce is leading in demand according to Sarac. “It’s a field where we are leading the industry and creating many success stories in a really short amount of time. We created a trade volume of 4 million Pounds for more than 12 customers in just one year by managing Amazon operations. We are continuing to provide service to customers not just from Turkey, but from many European countries and U.S.A. With our sales and operation management services on E-Commerce, we want to become one of the leading companies in UK that achieves these goals on corporate level” Sarac stated.
The key to do business in the UK
Starting a company and related bureaucratic processes are rather effortless and this causes competition in UK according to Sarac.”You can find business people of all shapes and sizes in here or you can find consultancy projects from a variety of lines of work” says Sarac.” My advice for entrepreneurs is: It would be wise of them to become an expert in a specific field and transform that knowledge into a product. You can be a part of great projects in Turkey, or you can manage massive telecommunications projects, commanding hundreds of staff. At the end of the day, if all these projects are not packaged as a product and you can’t call them your own, then none of it has any value in UK. To summarize, specializing and productization are the key to doing business in UK.u

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