“Goodness Foods” is now a Turkish Group brand

Originally posted on September 4, 2019 @ 9:48 am

“You Are What You Eat”, the company slogan of Aytac Foods Ltd, who are continuing to grow in natural organic food market. Aytac Foods Ltd. recently strengthened its place within organic food market’s giants, with the acquisition of Goodness Foods, a 36 years old British company.

Aytac Foods Ltd. took a big step that will increase its market share in the food industry. With their “You Are What You Eat” slogan, Aytac Foods Ltd. is planning to grow even more in natural organic food market, and with that vision they have incorporated 36 years old British organic food brand Goodness Foods.
Consumers throughout the world are getting more and more conscious about their food. Seeing the need in the market, Aytac Foods founded their organic food unit two years ago and started to work on the matter. With the acquisition of Goodness Foods, they are now in a league of giants. After their London center, Aytac Foods is now growing even more in Britain, especially in Mid and North England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland with their Manchester center. They have also incorporated many important “halal food” brands into their company, an industry for which the demand is growing day by day.
Goodness Foods was founded by a church, and operated in England for 36 years. It was privatized 2 years ago and acquired by an investment partnership of Spanish and Dutch firms. Due to financial hardship, the firm experienced a crisis and had to stop its operations. Aytac Food Ltd bought the name rights and some of the products of the company, and grew even larger in Britain.

2000 Organic Products From All Over The World
Aytac Foods’ Chairman of the board Recep Ercan pointed out the growing importance of a healthy diet, and stated the inevitable acquisition of Goodness Foods by Aytac Foods. Aytac Foods’ “Organic” unit consists organic food coming from all around the world, particularly from Turkey, and according to Ercan, with the acquisition of Goodness Foods, Aytac Foods will hold a better place in the industry. Right now, Aytac Foods offers 2000 different organic food options for its customers.

Your Mind and Soul is Sustained and Shaped by What You Eat
With their 20 years of service, Aytac Foods is not in it for only commercial concerns according to Ercan.
“We started our journey with the motto “You Are What You Eat”. Your mind and soul is sustained and shaped by what you eat. In today’s ever changing world, we realized how important natural organic food is for human life. We started our work with natural organic foods because we wanted to raise awareness and make a contribution by serving to society. Your perspective on life changes greatly, in accordance with what you consume everyday. Eating organic has a direct effect on living healthy. Some products don’t show immediate effects on people even though they are bad, so people buy things that are bad for them without realizing it. In a world where genetics of people and food is manipulated, we couldn’t leave natural food industry to its fate. We had to take action.” stated Ercan.
“Within the bounds of our possibilities, we have started our organic food journey in Europe. Our first order of business is to find natural organic food sources from all around the world, particularly from Turkey, bring them here and present them to our customers as affordable as possible. And while doing so, our aim is to inform people and the food industry about the importance of a healthy diet, hopefully making a contribution to the community.” said Ercan.

Not Everything You Eat is Nutrition
Aytac Foods is firing on all cylinders when it comes to making their product available to the customers. Their center in Leyton is still making Cash & Carry “direct sales” to the customer. Especially after May, there will be B2B internet sales and online shopping services available on ‘ goodnessfoods.co.uk ‘ and B2C sales on ‘ goodnessdirect.co.uk ‘
Reconstruction of Aytac Foods will be completed this year, and Manchester branch will increase their natural organic food availability, just like London branch.
“2019 will be our “ Eat Organic” year, with Aytac Food making a place for themselves in events and social media promotions. Slogans like ” Not everything you eat is nutrition” or “Don’t buy food without knowing the ingredients” and “Eat healthy and organic even though it makes you feel hungry all the time.” will be used on our promotions to reach our community.” stated Ercan.
Goodness Foods are continuing their operations in a 1000 meter square big Aytac Foods depot in London. It is open 6 days a week and is making cash & carry sales to all customers.

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