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Timeless beauty in the Avon Valley; “BATH”

With its Roman baths located in the south west of England, Bath, which can be defined as a hot springs city, is among the must-visit cities in Britain m with its centuries-old…

London’s flavours …

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Business Wire
  • iProov, MATTR, and the University of Washington to Create Solution to Thwart the Spread of Disinformation Online for the NSF

    LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–How can people be protected against the dissemination of false and manipulated content online? The National Science Foundation (NSF) wants to find out and iProov, the world leader in facial biometric authentication technology, and its partners have been awarded funds to explore it.

    iProov and MATTR, a provider of verifiable data and digital trust solutions, will collaborate with the University of Washington (UW) as a team in the 2021 Cohort focusing on the Trust & Authenticity in Communications Systems track by the NSF’s Convergence Accelerator. Together, they will produce a flexible proof-of-concept technology to help people verify the source of information and its reliability.

    We have witnessed the rapid and viral manner in which falsehoods spread across social platforms and networks and the damage they can cause in society,” said Andrew Bud, iProov CEO. “We are delighted to be one of the teams chosen by the NSF to create a robust way to combat disinformation online and further protect the American people. This is a serious problem, and iProov’s Genuine Presence Assurance can help validate the legitimacy of information and those providing it.”

    The project will mark the expansion in the use of iProov’s technology from assuring the genuine presence of people to include the genuineness of things and information. It is an exciting new application of iProov’s unique capabilities in detecting forgeries and doctored imagery. Since 2013, iProov has been pioneering the use of machine-learning to assure the genuine presence of remote individuals for online identity verification. Public sector agencies, banks and other organizations are using iProov to verify that digital users are the right person, a real person, and that they are authenticating right now. By detecting the use of manipulated imagery as well as deepfakes and other synthetic media, iProov is already protecting citizens, enterprises and governments around the world from the effects of identity theft, fraud, money-laundering and other cybercrime.

    We’re in an arms race against the use of deepfakes and other synthetic media,” Bud said. “In the wrong hands, they pose a serious threat. By drawing from our respective areas of expertise, this cohort can deliver an innovative technology advancement that protects people against disinformation.”

    Launched in 2019, the NSF’s Convergence Accelerator builds upon research and discovery to accelerate use-inspired convergence research into practical application. The program funds a cohort of teams to work interactively toward solving grand societal challenges that impact thousands of people positively.

    With an investment of $21 million, NSF has selected 28 multidisciplinary teams for phase one of the Convergence Accelerator program 2021 cohort. At the end of phase 1, each team participates in a formal pitch and proposal evaluation. Selected teams from phase 1 will proceed to phase 2, with potential funding up to $5 Million for 24 months.

    About MATTR

    MATTR provides digital trust capabilities that are designed to restore confidence in digital interactions. MATTR works with communities and a growing network of companies to shift industries towards a more equitable future, offering tools to support digital inclusion, privacy and data security. The MATTR VII platform provides general-purpose building blocks and products which are simple, accessible and easy to use, with pre-built extensions that make it possible to plug the platform into existing application stacks. MATTR is committed to open standards, working with organisations such as W3C, DIF and OIDF to promote global interoperability. For more information, please see www.mattr.global or follow MATTR on LinkedIn, Twitter or Youtube.

    About iProov

    Founded in 2013, iProov is the world leader in online facial biometric authentication, working with governments, banks and other enterprises to securely verify customer identity. Used for effortless onboarding and authentication, customers include the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, the UK National Health Service (NHS), the Australian Taxation Office, GovTech Singapore, Rabobank, ING, and others. iProov’s technologies include Liveness Assurance and Genuine Presence Assurance, which ensures that an online customer is the right person, a real person, and is authenticating right now. This protects against spoof attacks from photos, videos, masks and digital injection attacks and the threat of deepfakes. iProov was recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor 2020 in Identity Access Management & Fraud Detection. For more information, please see www.iproov.com or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.


    Rob Tacey


  • Loulou Foundation Announces Launch of Pre-Competitive Industry Collaboration for CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder Observational Study

    LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Loulou Foundation, a private foundation dedicated to the development of therapeutics for the neurodevelopmental condition CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder (CDD), announced today that seven biopharmaceutical industry partners together with the Loulou Foundation have formed a pre-competitive consortium to direct a key clinical study for the development of disease-modifying therapeutics for CDD. The seven companies are: Amicus Therapeutics [$FOLD]; Biogen Inc. [$BIIB]; Elaaj Bio; Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc. [$MRNS]; PTC Therapeutics [$PTCT]; Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. [$RARE]; and Zogenix, Inc. [$ZGNX]. The seven partners will share the funding and governance of a three-year observational study with CDD patients, the Clinical Assessment of NeuroDevelopmental measures In CDD (CANDID) study. The Loulou Foundation will serve as the study coordinator, and the study will involve CDD clinical centers worldwide.

    CDD is a genetic disorder whose symptoms include difficult-to-treat epilepsy and severe neurodevelopmental delay that affects patients’ cognitive function, motor skills, and social interaction. With an incidence of one in 42,000 live births, CDD is one of the most common genetic pediatric epilepsies, affecting tens of thousands of patients worldwide. There are currently no approved treatments that address the disorder’s neurodevelopmental symptoms. Most CDD patients require around-the-clock care and management of their complex symptoms.

    Since 2016, the Loulou Foundation has partnered with the Orphan Disease Center in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn) to create the CDKL5 Program of Excellence. Through pilot grants and directed research projects overseen by the Program of Excellence, the Loulou Foundation and the Orphan Disease Center have led the creation of key research tools and supported basic and clinical research to advance therapeutic development for CDD.

    CANDID will investigate the baseline and longitudinal performance of known and validated instruments and scales, measuring cognitive, motor, and developmental domains in up to 100 CDD patients. The CANDID study was the subject of a Critical Path Innovation Meeting with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December of 2020. The study design incorporates input from the agency.

    Xavier Liogier, Ph.D., Chief of Translational Science at the Loulou Foundation, remarked, “The instruments for the CANDID study were selected in collaboration with CDD clinicians, neuropsychologists, and patient families to be the most appropriate for this patient population across a broad range of ages and functional abilities. We believe that CANDID is a critical step in the evaluation of potential endpoints for future CDD clinical trials and the characterization of disease-specific developmental trajectories in CDD patients.”

    Several new treatment options are entering clinical development that researchers hope will control both the seizures and the neurodevelopmental deficits of CDD. CANDID will provide researchers with information on appropriate tests evaluating disease-modifying therapeutics for CDD, such as gene therapies, enzyme replacement, genome editing, or small molecules. CANDID study results will be eventually shared with the entire community to aid CDD clinical trial design and inform therapeutic development for related neurodevelopmental disorders.

    “The CDD patient community fully supports this important effort by the Loulou Foundation and the industry consortium,” said Mr. Antonino Caridi, Chair of the CDKL5 Alliance, an international organization of CDD patient family groups. “The CANDID study represents a transition from monitoring seizures to developing more comprehensive outcome measures that will reflect the impact of therapies targeting the underlying biology of CDD.”

    More information on CDKL5 and CDD can be found at www.CDKL5Alliance.org and www.louloufoundation.org.

    About CDD:

    CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder (CDD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder caused by loss-of-function mutations in the CDKL5 gene, which encodes a kinase necessary for the proper function of neurons. CDD usually presents as seizures or infantile spasms within the first months of life, which later progresses to epilepsy. CDD patients display profound neurodevelopmental delay, particularly in cognitive, social, and motor function, and most CDD patients require constant care. With an incidence of approximately one in 42,000 live births, CDD is one of the most prevalent monogenic epilepsies, affecting tens of thousands of people worldwide. While some CDD patients can have partial control of their epilepsy with current anti-seizure medications, there are no approved treatments for the neurodevelopmental delay associated with CDD.

    About the Loulou Foundation:

    The Loulou Foundation is a private non-profit organization founded in 2015 to support the development of effective therapeutics and eventual cures for CDD. In 2016, the Loulou Foundation partnered with the Orphan Disease Center at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine to create the CDKL5 Program of Excellence within the Orphan Disease Center. Through this partnership, the Foundation funds grant and directed research programs to develop tools and resources to advance CDD therapeutic research. These programs include pre-clinical and clinical research into CDKL5 biology, CDD disease mechanisms, and proof-of-concept studies for gene therapy and genome modifying therapeutics.

    About the CDKL5 Alliance:

    The CDKL5 Alliance is an international organization that serves to unite and align the community of national and regional CDD patient family groups worldwide. Founded in 2017, the CDKL5 Alliance provides coordination and communication to its nearly twenty member organizations and support to fledgling CDD patient family groups as they start to organize themselves. More information on the CDKL5 Alliance can be found at www.CDKL5Alliance.org.

    University of Pennsylvania Financial Disclosure:

    Penn has previously licensed certain CDD technologies to some of the industry members of the pre-competitive consortium.


    For the Loulou Foundation:

    Daniel Lavery, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer, Loulou Foundation

    Director, CDKL5 Program of Excellence, Orphan Disease Center

    Perelman School of Medicine

    University of Pennsylvania

    T: +1 (215) 746-6725

    E: dlavery@louloufoundation.org

  • Discover Global Network Study Finds Nearly Half of Global Consumers Are More Comfortable Making Digital Payments as a Result of COVID-19

    Digital payments expected to account for more than $10 trillion in global transaction volume between in-store and e-commerce by 2025

    Partnerships between Fintechs and Payment Companies prove essential in delivering digital payments

    LAS VEGAS & RIVERWOODS, Ill.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new research paper by 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, and commissioned by Discover® Global Network found digital payment services and financial technology partnerships are reshaping the way in which consumers around the world send, spend and store their money. The findings come as the payments industry converges on Las Vegas for Money 20/20 to discuss the latest trends, innovations and ideas.

    The COVID-19 pandemic shed light on the influence of these digital payment services – as they grew market share and consumers accelerated their usage and adoption of these products. State of the Union: Global Digital Payments and Fintech Ecosystem analyzes these shifts and other trends prevalent within the industry.

    “With nearly 3 in 5 people using at least one type of digital payment service in their day-to-day spending, the State of the Union report shows the importance of digital commerce for consumers around the globe,” said Kiran Pookote, director of business strategy at Discover. “These statistics reflect the impact of COVID-19 on digital behavior and the ways it will continue to shape the economy post-pandemic.”

    In order to address these trends, partnerships between fintechs and payment companies will likely be critical, highlighting the need to work together on developing technologies for the evolving payments ecosystem. Eighty six percent of fintech vendors said they are reliant on payment companies to help them implement payment technologies.

    “Fintechs looking to quickly innovate and address customer demand on a global scale can benefit from pursuing partnerships with a company like Discover Global Network – that provides them with customized payment solutions, expertise and has a history of successful partnerships,” said Pookote, who will be at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas and able to further discuss the findings.

    Key Findings:

    Impact of COVID-19 On Digital Payments

    • Globally, 1 in 3 consumers said they began using digital payments for the first time within the last year, while more than half (52%) said they transitioned all or most of their in-store spending to online. Further, 49% say they are now more comfortable with making digital payments as a result of COVID-19.

    Consumer Shift to Digital Wallets

    • According to the report, in 2020, digital wallets are reported to represent 27% of in-store spending, 41% of e-commerce spending and 46% of mobile commerce spending. By 2025, digital wallets are projected to account for more than $10 trillion in global transaction volume between in-store and e-commerce.

    Partnerships for Fintech Vendors are Key

    • Nearly 9 out of 10 fintech vendors said contactless payments and linking loyalty programs and rewards to a customer’s payment card were relevant to their business needs.
    • Seventy eight percent of fintechs indicated they currently partner or work with a payment network, and an additional 18% said while they don’t currently, such a partnership is possible.

    Global Payment Adoption

    • Digital wallets ranked as the most widely used digital payment service overall, with respondents in Singapore (74%), India (70%) and China (61%) exhibiting the highest increase in usage. In these markets, many digital wallets have evolved into “super apps,” encompassing a wide range of services, from payments to purchasing movie tickets to insurance.

    For a deeper dive into these findings, join Discover and 451 Research, a part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, for a webinar on December 15, 2021 from 10-11am CST. Jordan McKee from 451 Research along with representatives from Discover will discuss the key business priorities facing fintechs and provide perspective on the digital payments space. For more information and to register, visit the event page.

    In addition to discussing these findings while at Money 20/20, experts from Discover will be speaking to several other topics:

    • Payments Innovation: Revolutionary? Or Evolutionary? – While payments have evolved rapidly over the years – are these evolutions really as revolutionary as we think? Asif Ahmed, Senior Leader, Global Product Strategy, Discover Financial Services, discusses the breadth of what drives innovation. More info here.
    • The Fintech View (Panel) – Andrew Stucchio, Vice President, Global Pricing & Analytics, Discover along with other experts weigh in on current industry “hot topics” and share “hot takes” on everything from successful data management programs to the new tech that’s enabling innovative data analysis. More info here.

    About Discover

    Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS) is a digital banking and payment services company with one of the most recognized brands in U.S. financial services. Since its inception in 1986, the company has become one of the largest card issuers in the United States. The company issues the Discover card, America’s cash rewards pioneer, and offers private student loans, personal loans, home loans, checking and savings accounts and certificates of deposit through its banking business. It operates the Discover Global Network comprised of Discover Network, with millions of merchant and cash access locations; PULSE, one of the nation’s leading ATM/debit networks; and Diners Club International, a global payments network with acceptance around the world. For more information, visit www.discover.com/company.


    Rob Weiss



  • Rockefeller Capital Management to Open First International Office in London with the Formation of Rockefeller Asset Management International

    NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Rockefeller Asset Management (RAM), a division of Rockefeller Capital Management, with a long track record of investing in global equities and ESG investing has announced the formation of Rockefeller Asset Management International, to expand its European market presence. The initial plans for expansion include opening an office in London, to better serve clients across the UK, Europe, and Asia.

    “Our Asset Management business has generated real momentum across Europe and we are excited to continue to serve our international clients with a full suite of sustainable investment products and a growing local presence,” said Greg Fleming, CEO and President of Rockefeller Capital Management.

    RAM, which was recently awarded the 2021 Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI) award for “ESG incorporation initiative of the year,” has seen strong growth in Europe. Over the last two years, the business, which surpassed $2.5 billion in assets from European investors, launched a UCITS ICAV, an Ireland-domiciled UCITS structure, and two ESG Improvers and Engagement-driven funds registered for distribution in 15 countries. The firm launched its third equity UCITS fund, focused on climate change, in December 2020. Today, RAM has institutional clients across 9 European countries.

    “RAM has grown in Europe by leveraging our ESG-integrated equity research capabilities, a 30-year history of sustainable investing built around the Rockefeller name, decades of shareholder engagement experience and a unique network of scientific advisors who participate in the research process,” says David Harris, President and Chief Investment Officer of RAM.

    John “Chip” Montgomery, RAM’s Head of Business Strategy and Corporate Development, a 30-year financial services veteran, has been named President of the newly established Rockefeller Asset Management International. In this capacity, Mr. Montgomery will leverage his extensive experience and deep ties to European intermediaries and clients to oversee the firm’s non-US market strategy, including the plans to open a London-based international distribution hub as well as building out a UK-based team for the asset management business in 2022.

    “Our commitment to European investors is growing and we are excited to take the initial steps in our non-US expansion plan. To ensure that we are doing this in a first-class way, it is paramount that we are on the ground in the region, partnering with allocators and asset owners,” added Montgomery. “We see our thematic strategies and engagement process have quickly resonated with investors across Europe and other geographies. We are in the early stages of building an international asset management franchise for Rockefeller Capital Management and are pleased with our progress thus far.”

    About Rockefeller Capital Management

    Rockefeller Capital Management was established in 2018 as a leading independent, privately-owned financial services firm. Originally founded in 1882 as the family office of John D. Rockefeller, the Firm has evolved to offer strategic advice to ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals and families, institutions, and corporations from 29 offices across the United States. As of September 30, 2021, the Firm is responsible for approximately $85 billion in client assets across its three business segments, the Rockefeller Global Family Office, which includes both the Private Wealth Management and Family Office businesses, Rockefeller Asset Management and Rockefeller Strategic Advisory.

    About Rockefeller Asset Management (RAM)

    Rockefeller Asset Management, a division of Rockefeller Capital Management, offers equity and fixed income strategies across active, multi-factor passive, and thematic approaches that seek outperformance over multiple market cycles, driven by a disciplined investment process and a highly collaborative team culture. With over 30 years of experience in global investing and ESG-integrated research, we pair our distinctive worldview and long-term investment horizon with thorough fundamental research combining traditional and non-traditional analysis generating insights and outcomes not commonly found in the investment community. As of September 30, 2021, Rockefeller Asset Management had $12.5B in assets under management. For more information visit https://rcm.rockco.com/ram.


    Kelly Whalen


  • TowerBrook Completes Acquisition of ECP-PF Holdings Group, Inc.

    ECP-PF is a Planet Fitness franchisee operating 108 clubs in the U.S. and Canada

    Acquisition positions the Company for continued leadership within the North American fitness industry

    NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P. (“TowerBrook”), an international investment management firm, announced today the completion of the acquisition of ECP-PF Holdings Group, Inc. (“ECP-PF” or “the Company”) from Exaltare Capital Management, a Boston-based private equity firm. ECP-PF, headquartered in Orange, CT, is one of the largest developers and operators of fitness clubs under the Planet Fitness brand (NYSE: PLNT), serving approximately 600,000 members in six U.S. states and three Canadian provinces.

    Planet Fitness is one of the largest and fastest-growing franchisors and operators of fitness clubs in North America. As of June 30, 2021, Planet Fitness had more than 14.8 million members and 2,170 clubs in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Panama, Mexico, and Australia. The company’s mission is to enhance people’s lives by providing a high-quality fitness experience in a welcoming, non-intimidating environment, called the Judgement Free Zone.

    Jonathan Bilzin, Co-President and Managing Director of TowerBrook, stated, “We are excited to partner with a leading franchisee of Planet Fitness. ECP-PF has a strong track record of growth, and the platform’s mission to provide inclusive, affordable fitness aligns well with TowerBrook’s purpose driven value creation focus and Responsible Ownership. The business is well-positioned to continue to expand that mandate to meet the growing demand for new high value, low price fitness clubs across North America.”

    David Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer of ECP-PF, added, “This transaction and partnership with TowerBrook will allow ECP-PF to accelerate our development and acquisition of new club locations, further expand our geographic footprint, and continue to refine our operations. TowerBrook is an ideal partner to help drive ECP-PF through its next phase of growth.”

    As part of the transaction, Omar Simmons, Founder and former Executive Chairman of ECP-PF and Managing Director of Exaltare Capital Management, will retain a stake in the business and stay on the Board of Directors.

    Mr. Simmons stated, “I am extremely proud of the business we have built over the last nine years and am excited to stay involved, as both an investor and Board member. I believe adding TowerBrook as a partner is a pivotal next step in our evolution as ECP-PF continues to grow its platform and fulfill and extend its mission: to serve people of all fitness levels in an affordable, inclusive, and welcoming environment.”

    “We are looking forward to working with David and Omar to continue growing the platform.” stated Michael Recht, Managing Director at TowerBrook. “ECP-PF has established an effective model for growth through organic club development and M&A that will facilitate continued expansion with the additional resources and operational expertise that TowerBrook will provide.”

    Brightwood Capital Advisors provided the financing for the transaction. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

    Exaltare Capital Management was advised by Sperry Mitchell and DLA Piper. TowerBrook was advised by Goodwin Procter LLP, Lathrop GPM and Fifth Third Securities.

    About ECP-PF Holdings Group, Inc.

    ECP-PF Holdings Group is based in Orange, CT. It is one of the largest Planet Fitness franchisees, currently operating 108 locations across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Arizona, Connecticut, Georgia, New Mexico, New York and Tennessee. The business was formed by Exaltare Capital Management, a Boston, MA based private equity firm that invests in lower mid-market, differentiated businesses in the franchise and consumer sector.

    About TowerBrook

    TowerBrook Capital Partners is a purpose-driven investment management firm headquartered in New York and London. The firm has raised in excess of $17.4 billion to date and invests in private equity and structured opportunities through its family of funds. As a disciplined investor with a commitment to fundamental value, the firm seeks to deliver superior, risk-adjusted returns to investors on a consistent and responsible basis. TowerBrook’s value creation strategy aims to transform the capabilities and prospects of the businesses in which it invests. TowerBrook is the first mainstream private equity firm to be certified as a B Corporation. B Corporation certification is administered by the non-profit B Lab organization and is awarded to companies that demonstrate leadership in their commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards and responsible business practices. For more information, please visit www.towerbrook.com




    Brunswick Group

    Blake Sonnenshein / Alex Yankus



    ECP-PF Holdings Group:

    Matt Wilcox

    Chief Marketing Officer



  • Taoglas Demonstrates Warehouse Staging Area Capacity Solution at Mobile World Congress LA Using Latest Machine Vision Technologies

    LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IoTMOBILE WORLD CONGRESS — Taoglas®, a leading enabler of digital transformation through IoT, today announces its new Taoglas EDGE Vision™ technology – that will revolutionise processes for numerous vertical IoT applications. Taoglas’ EDGE Vision™ platform is the foundation that can help OEMs and enterprises realize seamless and digitized management of workflows, ensuring process safety, quality, and reduced business costs with the help of machine vision AI technologies.

    To illustrate the capabilities of Taoglas’ highly experienced machine vision AI engineering team, Taoglas is demonstrating an interactive version of this technology at the Mobile World Congress event in LA with a warehouse staging area capacity solution. The solution provides real-time monitoring, reporting and alerts which allows warehouse management to monitor the number of packages or pallets in loading docks and goods inward and outward areas to prevent over loading or physical bottlenecks. The warehouse staging area capacity solution can be created to alert via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or cellular when available capacity exceeds criteria. This can be set at required levels allowing immediate response to circumvent a potential problem escalating.

    Taoglas’ EDGE Vision maximises operational efficiency by giving businesses real-time, transformational decision-making capabilities, across a variety of different industries from automotive, waste management, e-mobility, industrial to transportation and logistics.

    Cameras are the ultimate IoT sensor, but computer vision and AI projects can be particularly complex. Taoglas is a global leader in IoT and has a team of world-class, award-winning IoT Engineers who apply their deep understanding of high-performance antenna and RF design, advanced positioning, imaging, audio, and artificial intelligence technologies to design connected, easy-to-use, low-power, secure and market-ready solutions.

    “Taoglas is excited to now offer its customers our cutting-EDGE Vision technology, bringing affordable complex machine vision solutions into mass market applications such as transportation, industrial, e-mobility, waste management and beyond,” said Fergal Brennan, Head of Engineering, Taoglas. “The Taoglas Machine Vision AI approach utilizes a combination of images and on-board sensor information such as precise-positioning, shock, vibration, temperature, air-pressure, CO2 levels, ambient light, speed and altitude. Our world-class team utilises its experience and expertise to develop a machine vision solution for you that gets to market on time, the first time.”

    “Machine vision is about to take the market by storm and is projected to reach a value of $2.4 billion by 2025. Taoglas already implement and optimize machine vision AI solutions for the world’s largest organisations, including top tier OEM’s and we’re seeing an increasing demand for this technology in quality inspection and the automation of human intensive processes,” said Ronan Quinlan, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Taoglas. “Taoglas’ EDGE Vision™ AI capabilities include firmware, hardware, software and analytics, which combine neural inference, spatial AI, and feature tracking and our team of IoT Engineering experts are here to make your vision a reality, by reducing the risks and time associated with properly integrating three-dimensional vision directly into your device.”

    From the initial strategy definition through to the design, build, deployment and management of your solution, Taoglas offers the complete solution stack for your machine vision AI project. You can choose to work on any element, including vision chip technology (Nvidia Jetson, Intel Movidius, Ambarella etc), base vision models (OpenCV, OpenVINO etc) and your full system requirements; firmware updates, edge processing, cloud hosting and power management design. Taoglas Machine Vision Services include:

    • 2D and 3D vision design
    • Integrating Cellular, GNSS and Machine Vision
    • Optics and Illumination Design
    • CV hardware and firmware
    • Low power embedded designs
    • Machine and deep learning algorithm development
    • Depth Sensing and Sensor integration
    • Platform integration and support

    To see Taoglas’ new products and services please visit us at Mobile World Congress, Los Angeles CA at booth #1818. Taoglas will demonstrate its EDGE Vision platform at Mobile World Congress, Los Angeles with a newly developed warehouse staging area capacity solution providing real-time actionable intelligence to optimize workflows, assets and monitor everything from cargo height and cubic volume utilization to unused space.

    Alternatively, you can visit https://www.taoglas.com/edge-vision/ to learn more.

    Notes to Editor

    About Taoglas

    Taoglas is a leading enabler of digital transformation using IoT from initial strategy definition to design, build, deployment and managed services. Our solutions combine high-performance antenna and RF design with advanced positioning, imaging, audio, and artificial intelligence technologies for organizations solving critical problems using IoT. A nimble and efficient approach which mobilizes quickly makes Taoglas a trusted advisor helping customers regardless of where they are on their IoT journey. With world-class design, consultancy, and engineering expertise, along with support and test centers globally, Taoglas delivers complex IoT solutions to market quickly and cost effectively. Taoglas has proven expertise globally across the transportation, connected healthcare, smart cities and smart building industries.


    Media Contacts
    Emma Walsh, Taoglas. E: mediarelations@taoglas.com, T: +353 (0)87 317 0897

  • Payfare, Wise to Bring First International Money Transfer Capabilities to the North American Gig Workforce

    Wise will be embedded into Payfare’s digital banking platform, enabling gig workers to quickly send international payments to 80+ countries

    TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Payfare (TSX: PAY) and Wise (LSE: WISE), the global technology company building the best way to move money around the world, today announced plans to bring fast, low-fee and secure international money transfer capabilities to Payfare’s digital banking app in 2022. The partnership will bring together the leading instant payout and digital banking solution for contract workers, Payfare, with the low-cost leader for international money transfers in a digital payments experience tailored to the gig economy.

    Beginning next year, the North American gig and contract workers Payfare supports will be able to send money abroad instantly via Wise’s payments infrastructure, directly from Payfare digital banking apps. Payfare, who works with some of the world’s largest on-demand platforms, will be the first to leverage Wise to enable the growing gig economy to send money internationally.

    To transfer money to family and friends abroad, the workers we support have historically had to use various legacy services that were costly, inconvenient and had hidden fees,” said Marco Margiotta, Payfare CEO and Founding Partner. “We couldn’t be more excited to bring this service to our platform in order to deliver more convenience and cost savings to our cardholders.”

    With its mission of making international money transfers fast, cheap and convenient, Wise helps people and businesses securely move and spend money in over 56 currencies. With full price transparency, including low cost pricing, and the use of real-time exchange rates, Wise strategically aligns with Payfare’s mission to power financial inclusion and empowerment for the global gig economy.

    Wise is committed to providing a best-in-class digital user experience for international transfers, coupled with speed and convenience,” said Ryan Zagone, Head of Americas, Wise for Banks. “Payfare is similarly committed to providing a leading instant payout and digital banking solution in which we can work together to bring a faster international money transfer solution to millions of workers in the U.S. and Canada.”

    About Payfare (TSX: PAY)

    Payfare is a global financial technology company powering digital banking and instant payout solutions for today’s gig economy. Payfare partners with leading platforms and marketplaces, such as Uber, Lyft and DoorDash, to provide financial health for their workforce.

    For further information please visit www.payfare.com.

    About Wise

    Wise is a global technology company, building the best way to move money around the world. With the Wise account, people and businesses can hold 56 currencies, move money between countries and spend money abroad. Huge companies and banks use Wise technology too; an entirely new cross-border payments network that will one day power money without borders for everyone, everywhere. However you use the platform, Wise is on a mission to make your life easier and save you money.

    Co-founded by Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann, Wise launched in 2011 under its original name TransferWise. It is one of the world’s fastest-growing tech companies and is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the ticker, WISE.

    10 million people and businesses use Wise, which processes over £5 billion in cross-border transactions every month, saving customers over £1 billion a year.

    For more information on Wise Platform and capabilities, visit wise.com/us/business/api.


    Lindsey Abshire

    (647) 417-4788



    Su Chun, Chief Compliance & Legal Officer

    1 (888) 850-2713


    Ben Liwanag


  • AVI’s Letter to Symphony Intl (SIHL) Shareholders

    Asset Value Investors (AVI) publishes an update on its Shareholder Campaign at Symphony International Holdings (SIHL)

    LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Asset Value Investors (AVI) first wrote to SIHL’s shareholders on 29 April 2021 to voice our concerns regarding the disastrous returns experienced by shareholders and the chronic conflicts of interest that lie at the heart of the company.

    We are now writing in response to a letter from Anil Thadani, the key principal at the Investment Manager of SIHL. While we had planned for our next communication to be an update on our next steps following widespread shareholder support for our objectives, we cannot let Mr Thadani’s latest disingenuous comments remain unchallenged.

    The full letter can be found by clicking on the following link:




    Tom Treanor (tom.treanor@assetvalueinvestors.com)

  • Janus Henderson Announces Decarbonisation Panel at World Climate Summit – Investment COP – at COP 26 in Glasgow

    “Is decarbonisation an opportunity for emerging markets?” with a panel of thought leaders at ICOP

    LONDON & DENVER–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Janus Henderson Group plc (NYSE: JHG, ASX: JHG) announces it will host a panel event at the Investment COP (ICOP) summit in Glasgow.

    The panel, entitled “Is decarbonisation an opportunity for emerging markets?”, will take place at 13:30 BST on Monday 8th November 2021 at the Glasgow Hilton Hotel.

    The event will bring together experts from across the globe to discuss the opportunities and challenges that decarbonisation presents in the financial services sector across emerging markets. Taking views from global companies and governments, they will discuss how capital market flows can be encouraged into emerging markets to enable them to deliver their transition. They will also cover what world leaders from developing markets have committed to in order to incentivise whole economy transitions, on a global scale.

    The panel forms part of the World Climate Summit’s Investment COP, a leading forum for business and investment-driven solutions to climate change and a key side event to the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) taking place in Glasgow from 1st – 12th November 2021.

    The event will be moderated by Paul La Coursière, Global Head of ESG Investments at Janus Henderson and the panel will comprise:

    • Francisco Javier López, Chile’s Energy Under Secretary
    • Dr Nina Seega, Research Director at the Cambridge Institute of Sustainable Leadership (CISL)
    • Krista Tukiainen, Head of Research, Climate Bonds Initiative
    • Mark Cutifani, Chief Executive Officer, Anglo American Plc

    Dick Weil, CEO of Janus Henderson Investors said: “The conversation around decarbonising portfolios, and the global economy at large, has never been more important. Janus Henderson remains focused on, and committed to, sustainable investing. We are looking forward to hosting this panel of experts at ICOP and aim to move the debate forward, to establish what asset managers can and should be doing, to encourage and enable emerging markets to make a sustainable transition’.

    Dr Nina Seega, Research Director at CISL said: “This panel presents a valuable opportunity for us to pool our knowledge across the financial, policy and business worlds and examine the ways in which decarbonisation can, and needs to, be deployed and integrated in emerging markets. I’m looking forward to hearing from my fellow panellists about the innovative approaches they have adopted within their own fields to accelerate their journeys to Net Zero.”

    Notes to editors

    Janus Henderson Group (JHG) is a leading global active asset manager dedicated to helping investors achieve long-term financial goals through a broad range of investment solutions, including equities, fixed income, quantitative equities, multi-asset and alternative asset class strategies.

    At 30 June 2021, Janus Henderson had approximately US$428 billion in assets under management, more than 2,000 employees, and offices in 25 cities worldwide. Headquartered in London, the company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).


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  • Biomarkers of Human Longevity Are Essential for Investment De-Risking and Clinical Trial Predictability, Claims New Book by Seasoned Longevity Investor and Deep Knowledge Analytics Founder

    Dmitry Kaminskiy’s New Book Urges Longevity Industry Players to Adopt Biomarkers of Human Longevity as the Fundamental Market-Ready Tool and Framework for Industry Stabilization, Tangible Decision Making, Predictable Forecasting of Clinical Trial Outcomes, Public Market Consistency and Investment De-Risking

    LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Biomarkers–A new book by prominent Longevity investor and thought-leader Dmitry Kaminskiy (General Partner of Deep Knowledge Group and Founder of Deep Knowledge Analytics) presents both a warning call to Longevity scientists, investors and policy-makers, signalling a widespread risk for the industry’s continued growth and stability, and a proposed solution.

    The warning: the legacy frameworks driving strategic decision making by major Longevity industry players are outdated, underestimate the complexity of biological aging and the translational gap from model organisms (e.g. mice) to humans, and are already now causing significant market failures. If this doesn’t change, the industry is at risk of declining investor sentiment.

    The solution: exact market-ready frameworks and approaches exist today to neutralize these risks, enabling:

    • Stable industry growth,
    • Sophisticated investment de-risking,
    • Public market consistency and a more reliable path to IPOs,
    • More predictable forecasting of clinical trial outcomes,
    • Reliable validation of Longevity technologies and therapies,
    • Safer frameworks for formulating, adjusting and validating personal Practical Longevity regimens.

    Order the Book: www.longevity-book.com/biomarkers

    Biomarkers of Human Longevity: Data Science for Accelerating Aging Research and R&D and The Critical Catalyst for Practical Human Longevity,Tangible Investment Decision Making and De-Risking’, available today on Amazon and at www.Longevity-Book.com, is based on years of AI and data science-driven open-access and proprietary quantitative research, forecasting and deep analysis by several Deep Knowledge Group analytical subsidiaries.

    The book’s central purpose is to help major industry decision makers on-board the practices and frameworks that its author considers to be fundamentally necessary to maintain stable industry growth, bridge the Longevity Liquidity Gap, enable actual Practical Human Longevity, neutralize the vast-yet-unacknowledged translational gap from model organisms to humans, and accelerate the socially-inclusive delivery of Longevity’s real-world humanitarian impacts for citizens and national economies.

    Kaminskiy made first investments in the Longevity Industry in 2014 after founding the first Aging Analytics Agency and has made pivotal contributions to the industry’s rise and maturation into mainstream prominence, including:

    About the Author

    Dmitry Kaminskiy is an innovative entrepreneur, investor, author and philanthropist dedicated to impact investment and ethical business, with a focus on engineering the accelerated trajectory of progressive technological development for the benefit of humanity.

    Mr. Kaminskiy is a co-founder and managing partner of Deep Knowledge Group – a consortium of commercial and non-profit organizations active on many fronts in the realm of DeepTech and Frontier Technologies (AI, Longevity, Precision Medicine, FinTech, GovTech, InvestTech), ranging from scientific research to investment, entrepreneurship, analytics, policy and philanthropy.

    He leads the activities of the consortium’s venture arms – Deep Knowledge Ventures, an investment fund focused on DeepTech and advanced science projects, and Longevity.Capital, which prioritizes the convergence of Longevity and Artificial Intelligence, areas in which it has unparalleled investment and exit strategies.

    He is a frequent speaker on the topics of AI and Longevity, including conferences organized in London by The Economist “Aging Societies and The Business of Longevity”, Financial Times “Smart Machines vs Smart People”, at the Future Finance Forum in Seoul “AI in Finance”, “Precision Medicine World Conference” in Silicon Valley, as well as several others at Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

    Mr. Kaminskiy serves as managing trustee of Biogerontology Research Foundation, the UK’s first Longevity focused charity (founded in 2008), and Co-Founder of the international non-profit decentralized Longevity Industry association Longevity.International.


    Franco Cortese