Ideal designs for packaging

Pekideal designs and produces sustainable organic boxes, packages and labels in different sizes and qualities for the packaging sector in both Turkey and the UK.

Pekideal, which originates from the combination of the words ‘pek’ (very) and ‘ideal’ (ideal) in Turkish language, contains the words ‘Idea’ and ‘Deal’ in English language. Pekideal, which has gained its brand name with an international identification to represent itself both in Turkey and the UK, makes difference in packaging production with special designs.

Pekideal, whose specialty is packaging and labeling, offers solutions in line with the needs of its customers, especially in textile and food products. These solutions are not limited to just design; they also produce and deliver the designed products to the customers in Turkey. The firm which has started its operations in Turkey in 2016 has been serving with the same name in the UK since the first quarter of 2018. They make not only design but also they produce the designed products and work with many specialist producers in Turkey for long years and offer competitive prices to its customers.

Pekideal is a specialized firm in design and production of especially sustainable and organic boxes and packages of different sizes and quality, cardboard and fabric carrying bags, packaging for the food industry, cardboard and woven textile labels and accessories, cylinder boxes, leather, silicone and metal accessories for the textile industry, delivery boxes that may be used for online sales and special value-added boxes that can be folded flat with magnets. After designing and preparing the samples in these areas, the firm produces these designs for the brands.
The firm, which has a lot of experience especially in the textile and food sectors, designs and produces ready garments, cloth and hat boxes and labels for the textile sector and packaging materials for the house textiles. It generally offers takeaway packaging for the restaurants and boxes and packages for pizza, pita, kebab etc. for the food sector. All of these productions are prepared with customers’ own logo and brands.

Packaging and labeling are among the most important elements of the brand
Ersin Zorlu, Chairman of Pekideal, emphasizing the importance of packaging and labeling in representation of a brand, states that their priorities as a firm are not only making production for the customers, but also developing products according to their needs by acting solution-oriented. And says “We think that packaging and label are the most important variables after the product itself. Because the next points which take attention after the product are the packaging and the label.” Ersin Zorlu, who states that if there is no intimacy between packaging and product quality, there will be a reason for the consumer or user to question the product quality unconsciously, says; “In order to remove this possibility, it is important to be aware of the fact that packaging and label are actually important accessories used in the product. In fact, these accessories, which include the brand’s name clearly, namely packaging and label, must be directly proportional to the quality of the product.”

Multinational design team
Pekideal, whose secret of success lies in the international design team, has an experienced team especially in packaging, boxes, textile labels and branding. Zorlu, who draws attention to the fact that they provide diversity by working with designers from many countries such as the UK and Turkey as well as Japan, Portugal and Italy, says “we have a strong design team which we have worked together for long years.” Zorlu, stating that the customers can see the alternatives created by different eyes and abilities instead of working with only one designer, mentions that this diversity is an advantage for finding the best. Zorlu says “When the product to be sold is completed, you can contact us through and ensure that the right packaging and label is designed and produced for your product instead of realizing that you don’t have the proper packaging and label; this will save you serious time with healthy choices.”

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