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Breathing; For many of us, it’s an ordinary, vital movement we do unconsciously. However, recent studies are showing that; breathing is a science subject. Breath expert Nevflah Fidan Karamehmet works on “Breathing Science”, which has become a multidisciplinary field, to take its place as a department in universities.

Breath Coaching Federation’s Founding President Nevflah Karamehmet who brought Breath Coaching systems to Turkey, and turned it into a profession, is making efforts to promote breathing science globally.

Karamehmet highlights, Breath Coaching, as practiced in Turkey generates a portion of one percent of the breathing science, “Breath science; a multidisciplinary system where behavioral science and respiratory science combine. Breathe coaching is a very small part of it.”

In Turkey and in the United States, Karamehmet still presided Breathe Coaching Federation, at the same time she is a member of the Behavioral Sciences University in America which has the only Breathing Science Faculty in the world. Karamehmet, who is also the vice president of the university for England, Europe and the Middle East, is an important teacher who has inspired more than 100,000 people, trained tens of thousands of people so far. She is the founding president of Nevsah Institute, which has been operating for 18 years and has offices in New York, London and Istanbul. The Nevsah Institute syllabus includes dozens of different trainings so that people can achieve to their full capacity and live extraordinary lives.

Nevflah Fidan Karamehmet’s saying “I have a clear vision” aims an academy that will serve humanity and new generations and a university establishment project in London.

“We will raise masters”

The aim of the faculty will be established in London is to train masters who will serve humanity for the next 500 years. “Nevflah F. Karamehmet stated that all the certificate programs and trainings that will be carried out in Nevsah Institute will be included within the scope of the academy and university, which will be a school of wisdom, that everyone will contact with their highest consciousness and will both experience their own awakening and trigger the awakening of millions of people. A school, where real masters will come out, states that it will have the capacity to change the consciousness of the whole world.

Describing the 21st century as a period in which people are in contact with their highest capacity, in a way godlike, and in the way of realizing ones highest posibilities, Karamehmet said, “At the moment, many people in the world want to reach the highest level of their capacity, realize their full potential, find the purpose of life and serve humanity with important projects. In order for this to happen, a school embellished with genuine teachings and genuine

teachers are needed. Nevsah Institute is this school. Our goal is for every individual participating in our school and education to experience the maximum capacity and have an extraordinary life experience. This is possible and we have all the tools to make it possible. Our only goal now is to bring our school and syllabus to larger masses. For this to happen, we need to train masters, genuine teachers and masters.”

“We are still healing after the war”

Karamehmet“ 21. century is a period when the majority broke off from their truth, essence, true identity, purpose of life, live with dogmas, patterns, and therefore a great spiritual search began. It is for this reason that diseases, stress, violence and fears increase. The people who are not aligned with their self-existence and who do not live in accordance with their eigenvalues are either getting sick or getting angry, getting aggressive,”and explains the period we are in with these words:

“I have worked with 29943 people so far, most demanded Miracle Course training has been organized in 38 different cities in the world for 18 years, carrying my signature, which 12043 people attended. I have not seen that even a single person living according to his eigenvalues In connection with his/her own being, can stay sick, nervous, aggressive and combative. Behind all the problems we have in life is lying “not being ourselves”. Nevsah Institute is exactly there to solve this problem of humanity.

We are a generation out of war. The war years are not very old. With the effect of the war, humanity has been detached from itself and its essence. We come from the times when many people struggle to spend time with their own truth, not that the collapsed systems have to be rebuilt. Therefore, our genes still have protection, defense, panic and fear, and these emotions prevent us from being ourselves. Everyone Needs Healing. The period is such a period. Nevsah Institute syllabus is a school that supports our students in their journey to become themselves freely and enables them to reach their peak capacity.

Once one connects with the eternity of the essence of ones being, the endless existence, the existence itself, his/her full and infinite potential, his/her life can never be the same again. Because everything changes completely, everything materially and spiritually multiplies a hundred times.”

“We work with consciousness in Nevsah Institute”

“Few people can go beyond the visible world reality and connect with truth, but when they did their lives will change forever ”. Karamehmet, defines the truth as the reality we experience living in this world, beyond its three dimension. Referring to Yunus Emre’s saying “I have a me inside”, Karamehmet says; It is a blessing reaching to the one beyond the object, beyond the one which is mortal but there are very few people who can achieve it.

Karamehmet says that with the studies, the emotional and mental polarity created by a persons own mind has been removed from there and the meaning he/she has put into life is eliminates and adds: “With the work we do, the person becomes conscious and awakened. It is necessary to work with the breath and the way of thinking because the removal of polarity within consciousness and the functionality in breath, in fact, is the same thing. That’s why we work

hard with consciousness as well while working with breath. Each training in our syllabus is the continuation and complementary of another. The spiritual journeys of the people are also completes who have finished it all.”

Stay with yourself 20 minutes in the morning and evening!

Emphasizing that people will value their own existence more in the coming periods as life is accelerating, Karamehmet continues:

“Meditation has an important role in the Nevsah Institute syllabus. In the future, people will understand the importance of this more. I care very much about one staying with oneself. It’s called meditation, but we don’t have to say meditation. We can say a human just staying alone with him/herself without doing anything. Morning and evening sitting without doing anything. Without interfering with thoughts, feelings; sitting without trying to change any of your moods. Actually, self-confrontation. In such a fast world, if a person does not have a minimum of 20 minutes of confrontation with him/herself during the day he/she can lose physical health, mental health, get upside down emotionally. World is living with this now.

“Meditation will be like, brushing teeth”

Nevflah Karamehmet said, “Every person needs time to be alone with himself or herself,” Nevflah Karamehmet said. She points out thats why meditation is spreading at an incredible speed all over the world. Karamehmet believes that meditation will be like brushing teeth in the future . When you don’t brush your teeth, your teeth rot, and when we don’t meditate regularly, the brain goes. New generations will realize this and will remain alone with themselves more often. Thus, I see that healthier consciousnesses and brains will grow. Currently, meditation in the world is most common in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Where technology is the most intense. This shows also how high the consciousness is here, ”she says.

“The more problems in your life, the more problems you have in your mind.”

Karamehmet stated that the negative thoughts and unenlightened consciousness that are not corrected in the human mind are also reflected negatively on the lives of people, and that the most determining factor in getting support is the person’s own life. Karamehmet continues to explain the effects of problems in the unenlightened mind on life:

“It has been said for centuries, but I would like to say once again, the world is the mirror of consciousness. However our mindset is our life is its reflection.”

Your Life is a reflection of your thinking structure and mind.

Therefore, by looking at his/her life, he/she can understand whether there is a problem in his consciousness, whether he/she needs healing or enlightenment. The problems in our life are the signes of our wrong choice in conciousness. So that means; An enlightened consciousness progresses in all areas of life. Metarially and spiritually. Many people now think that ‘enlightenment’ is realizing that the world is an illusion and going beyond it, so that they do not need to give importance to what is happening in the world. On the contrary, if you have really gone beyond the world and the world has lost its meaning, you will take control of it and make it do whatever you want. You cannot have any material or spiritual problems.

If consciousness is awakened, life on earth, turns into paradise.

The more problems a person has in his life, for example; The more she/he cannot progress in each of the 7-8 areas of life, the more problem she/he has in his/her mind. If She/he is progressing materially and spiritually, it means that his/her consciousness is also progressing. Every person should look at their physical body, how healthy they are, how rich they are, social life, relationships, family, living environment, how much they want…”

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