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Best Locations for the Turkish Food in London
London’s food and beverage industry is one of the most diverse in the world. Turkish restaurants have made an important place for themselves in this city, where you can find different restaurants from many different cultures. Many magazines and websites that are speaking for the UK’s gastronomy world, periodically choose London’s best Turkish restaurants via research. Inspired by their researches, we listed London’s best Turkish restaurants from Harringay to Highbury, from Soho to Shoreditch.

Ev Restaurant

Restaurant’s elegant and authentic atmosphere with traditional Turkish motifs provides extraordinary Anatolian Cuisine experience. The restaurant also differs from other Turkish restaurants in the city with its menu. Apart from traditional plates, they include exceptional tastes such as pan fried salmon with sweet and sour rose sauce, lamb stewed with lettuce and fennel with aubergine sauce, swordfish cooked in foil, grilled swordfish steak served on a bed of roasted aubergine and peppers, pan fried salmon with orange. They also have a section for vegetarian plates with lots of choice such as broccoli cooked with hellim cheese and Artichokes with fresh tomatoes.

Fez Mangal
The restaurant is located in the city center, at Ladbroke Grove. They welcome the customers with their menu inspired from Mediterranean cuisine. There is always a line in front of the restaurant; but fortunately it doesn’t take long to get a table. The restaurant is best known for its rich grill menu and fair prices compared to its competitors. Fez Mangal also lets you bring your own drink and don’t charge you extra for the service of it.


The restaurant is located at Green Lane. They give their customer a rich selection of taste including doner, lahmacun, kebab, pitta, baklava, kunafa and their homemade ice-creams. The restaurant is a coming together of four different shops. A doner kebab shop, a small cafe dedicated to kunafa, baklava shop and the main restaurant where you can taste the delicacies of Antep cuisine. Their ingredient rich, thin crusted pitta and lahmacun, generous portions and kunafas are very much in demand.

Haz Restaurant

Haz Restaurant is located in 6 different locations in London; St. Paul’s, Bishopsgate, Finsbury Square, Houndsditch, Plantation Place and Premiere Place. Their menu has a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes including starters and mezes; such as stuffed meatballs and artichokes in olive oil, grilled kebab and fishes, and different desserts. The restaurant has branches with capacity for more than 100 people at the same time. They are suitable for work meetings and parties apart from family and friend dinners.

Cirrik is founded by a kebab master from Adana and located at Dalston with its traditional grill concept and rich menu. They have some signature tastes such as lavash heated in coal grill, and Turkish style balloon bread which is served next to starters and mezes. Adana kebab, aubergine kebab, chicken beyti, lamb beyti, lamp spare ribs are some of the popular dishes among the regulars. But the menu is not limited with kebabs. There are hot and cold mezes, casserole dishes, salads and soups also appealing to vegetarian people and selection of fishes that you can try. Cirrik has also 3 more branches in Stoke Newington, Hackney and Tottenham.

Mehmet Kocakerim from Kilis, the founder of the restaurant, continues his cultural heritage in Islington. The restaurant mixes up Turkish, Syrian and Lebanese cuisines and creates an authentic menu. They have rich selection of grilled beef, chicken and fish. Humous, cacik and mutabbal served with Turkish style balloon bread are the most popular starters. Their rich pita menu is really appetizing. They are also very proud of their lahmacun and they are sure of its success.

Gökyüzü, one of the long-established Turkish restaurants in London, is a 20-year-old family business. They have a wide selection of breakfast, meze, pita, grill, seafood, doner and kebab menu. The chicken beyti, prepared with chicken kebab, is one of the popular dishes of the restaurant. They also have special vegetarian beyti and kebab dishes. Their menu offers variety of desserts beside traditional Turkish flavours like baklava, kunafa and baked rice pudding. They have 4 branches located in Green Lanes, Walthamstow, Finchley and Chingford.

Selin Kiazim, British chef of Turkish Cypriot heritage, opened her first restaurant Oklava in Shoreditch. With her second venture Kyseri, she brings Londoners together with a new concept. She blends the traditional Turkish cuisine, especially Kayseri cuisine, with her modern touch. Cherry meat pasty and mushroom – cheese pasty are some of her specialities. Seasonally, her new recipes are added to the menu.

The original and elegant decoration makes Oklava one of the coolest Turkish restaurants in London. They serve dishes inspired from Turkish Cypriot cuisine. The founder chef of the restaurant Selin Kiazim is known for her creative touch to classic tastes. Baharat spices bread & medjool date butter; seafood pita with chilli & ricotta; grilled hellim with lemon, honey and oregano; peach kebab with red onion salad are just some of the interesting flavours on menu.

Meze Mangal
Lewisham’da yenilenen dekorasyonu ile hizmet veren Meze Mangal, modern görünüşü ve şık dekorasyonu ile Green Lanes’teki Türk restoranlarından farklılaşıyor. Ütülü beyaz örtülerle kaplı masaları, parke zemini ve özenle düzenlenmiş oturma alanlarıyla oldukça şık bir konsepte sahip. Menüde klasik mangal lezzetlerinin ve mekanın favori yemeklerinden olan pide çeşitlerinin yanı sıra bıldırcın şiş, ızgara kılıç balığı gibi alışılmışın dışında lezzetler de var. İçecek menüsü için Türk şaraplarından güzel bir seçki oluşturmuşlar.

In the middle of London’s financial district, Hazev restaurant is located near the river at Canary Wharf. Hazev is formed from a chic bar, an elegant restaurant and an inviting café. You can organize special dinners and events in here. The restaurant is the first one opened as a collaboration between Tas Restaurant Chains and Haz Restaurant Chains, who manage more than 10 restaurants in central London. The menu is inspired from Anatolian cuisine and consist of a rich selection of soups, hot and cold mezes, grills, vegetarian specialities, oven cooked meat dishes, seafood, pastas, salads and rice. Spicy prawns with plum, beef goulash, marinated chicken fillet on a bed of green lentils, meatball with leek, beet meatball are some of the interesting dishes that they have in their menu.

Mangal 1
Mangal 1 servs to its customers for more than 20 years as a charcoal-grill restaurant. It is on the favourites list of famous chefs; Jamie Oliver and Yotam Ottolenghi. The restaurant is the most famous charcoal-grill in east London. It serves the popular dishes; Adana kebab; chicken and lamb beyti; chicken and lamb skewers with both yogurt and sauce. The place welcomes its customers with a modest decoration and a rich taste.

With its close location to London Eye, Troia Southbank offers easy access to tourists and serves selected delicacies from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Not only they serve variety of grilled kebab and meat, but also hot and cold appetizers to share, fresh seafood, casserole, burgers and salads. Their diverse menu includes more than 80 different meals. Troia Southbank’s Iskender Kebab is something else and their colourful chandeliers and accessories create an authentic environment, as if it is Anatolia.

Recommended by Michelin Guide, famous Turkish restaurant Sofra hosted the Royal Family and many other bureaucrats. Owner Huseyin Ozer has a very interesting and inspiring life story. Mr. Ozer is also a nutritionist and his restaurant’s menus are prepared by putting health first. Masterfully adapting Turkish cuisine into a world class gourmet experience, using only fresh ingredients. Sofra has two branches, one in Oxford Street and the other Mayfair, both in the heart of London.

Efes Restaurant is a family run business, serving since 1975. Offering services with 7 branches in and around London, Efes Restaurant means business with their doner kebabs, kebabs and Turkish pizzas. They base their business on quality in ingredients and quality in service. It’s a great place to experience the traditional taste of Turkish Kebab.

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