Miray Çimen, Baby Photographer and Videographer

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Miray Çimen, who was born in Istanbul in 1991, completed her undergraduate studies at the Faculty of Literature at Istanbul University. During her archive internship, she started working at Show TV and decided that she wanted to work as a journalist. She worked as a reporter for about 5 years in the prime news of Show TV. However, due to the conditions in Turkey, she and her family, decided to move to London.
Çimen, who loved her job too much but started to feel the need for change in her life as well as her job, has decided to use her camera as baby photographer and videographer especially after the birth of her son. After arriving in London, she has started working as a professional baby photographer and videographer.

Miray Çimen, who provides her services in London as Filmbymiray, takes photos and videos of newborns, pregnant women, children, babies and birthdays. Çimen, who has also started making small-scale organisations in the same field, has begun to organize events oriented for the families such as babyshowers and birthday parties.
Çimen, states that there is a great advantage of working on Show TV on camera usage and editing, and says that she has positive feedbacks from the families and says “I want to work more as my customers become happy and these works which are created with love appear.” Çimen, stating that she is a travelling photographer and videographer, prefers to go babies’ houses as she believes that the place where babies feel most comfortable is their own home. She also adds that working with babies calms her more than ever and taught her to be more serene.

She mentions about the meaning of London for herself as follows; “London means a new beginning for me. It expresses my hope and the possibility of making my dreams come true. London is like the light at the end of the road for me…”

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