Modern Mediterranean Beso London

Beso, which Interprets the traditional Italian and Spanish cuisine with modern touches, offers special tastes that will leave a mark on the minds and palates.

Ebru Atlan Tecirlioğlu / @ebruatlan, Photos: Ferhat Elik

Beso, located in Covent Garden in the heart of London among the theaters and many popular attractions of the city, is a modern and Mediterranean city restaurant that masterfully blends Italian and Spanish cuisine with a selection of flavors. The minimal menu, which mainly includes Italian cuisine and does not tire the reviewer, also includes special tastes from Spanish cuisine.
One of the main secrets of flavors that leave a mark on the palate and in the mind is, of course, the use of good materials. The founders of the place and the kitchen team focused on preparing dishes that guarantee the the flavor and the taste of the Mediterranean cuisine which, with the selection of materials, has been one of the most important issues they have meticulously addressed. They care about the very good quality of the ingredients used in cooking.
Their basic principle is to prepare simple and delicious plates by using the highest quality materials produced by sustainable methods mostly in the organic farms.
The Italian and Spanish olives, cheeses and delicatessen products on the menu come from the best producers in Italy and Spain. One of the most attractive options among the starters, burrata cheese, comes from its native land, Naples, from an organic farm and the tomatoes come from the best producers of Amalfi. Most of the vegetables are taken from the local organic producers in the UK. The fish, most of the seafood and meat products are also obtained freshly from the UK’s secure producers.

We think that this attention paid for preparation of the food has been noticed by those who are always in search of good food because Beso has been selected as the best restaurant in London among 20 thousand restaurants at 2019 British Restaurant Awards, although it has only been open for a year.
Beso has a refined menu that changes seasonally by taking the customer feedbacks into consideration. The organic burrata cheese presented with colorful tomatoes and extruded balsamic sauce, mixed bruschetta plate, goat cheese salad with caramelized onions and forest berry sauce are good choices among the appetizers.
As the signature flavors of the place, there are exquisite options among their hand-made fresh pastas. You should try the panzerotti with porcini mushroom flavored with truffle sauce and rosemary oil among the pastas which have vegan and gluten-free options too.
Galician octopus among the main dishes is also one of the favorite dishes of the place. Miso marinated black cod fish and braised lamb ribs are among the main choices which attracts wonder.
Sometimes, the classical tastes can gain a whole new dimension with the creative touches of the master chefs. Our suggestion to make the sweet final of the pleasant experience at Beso is the delicious Affogato. Do not leave the place without trying Affogato which is presented in shape of a Muffin by skillfully combining hazelnut ice cream, chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce and espresso on the top.
The noon service of the place starts at 12 pm and lasts until 3 pm. Between 5-7 pm, a special pre-theater menu is offered to the theater lovers. The menu consists of delicious options for those who will go to London’s famous musicals and theater plays and to stop by before the theater. Evening service starts at 7 pm and continues until late hours.
One of Beso’s most striking features is the fact that it has a private room which was used by the members of The Beatles in the 1960s for dining by coming from their studio that is very close to the place. This room, called The Beatles Private Dining Room, can be rented for special events and meetings.

Address: Beso London 190 Shaftesbury
Avenue, London WC2H 8JL
Tel: 020 3972 8888

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