Network of Turkish Defence Industry; SAHA İstanbul

Turkey’s Largest Industrial Cluster, SAHA İstanbul which attended DSEI 2019 Exhibition in London builds network bridges between the giant companies of defence industry in Turkey and medium sized enterprises. SAHA İstanbul organizes activities to gather the defence and aerospace companies abroad and the manufacturers in Turkey, thereby paving the way for international collaborations.

SAHA İstanbul supports the national technology move which was initiated to reveal hi-tech production potential of Turkey and use this potential in effective industries such as defence and civil aviation. The cluster speeded up its works abroad this year. SAHA İstanbul which attended the world’s biggest exhibitions related to defence, civil aviation and space technologies works on finding international collaboration opportunities for its members and builds international networks. In addition to arranging B2B negotiations of its members at DSEI International Defence and Security Fair, SAHA İstanbul shares the production potential, abilities and achievements of Turkey in defence and aerospace industry with members of the industry from various countries.
“SAHA İstanbul was lastly accepted into the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP). We signed an agreement for a detailed cooperation with the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP) at the International Paris Air Show held from June 17 to June 23, 2019. As association, we participate in the industrial exhibitions organized both in Turkey and abroad to introduce our companies internationally. We give voice to Turkey’s potential and make negotiations for possible collaborations as well,” says Secretary General of SAHA İstanbul Defence and Aerospace Cluster Association, İlhami Keleş.
SAHA İstanbul recently took steps for significant cooperations at one of the world’s biggest aerospace exhibitions, Paris Air Show. Executives of SAHA İstanbul which is the greatest industrial cluster of Turkey with 404 members met the executives of the greatest cluster of Europe, Aerospace Valley. This meeting in which two substantial industrial cluster of Europe came together is the first step for the possible international collaborations and future networks that will be useful for the members of both clusters.

Members will have international standards
SAHA İstanbul draws intense interest at the international exhibitions. Furthermore, the cluster works on raising the production quality of the companies with the aim of producing for defence, civil aviation and space industries which use high technology, as well as performing promotional and network activities. “Defence, aviation and space industries employ advanced technology. The companies that want to be supplier for these industries should have international certificates. First, we draw a roadmap for them and accompany them as they implement this roadmap,” says İlhami Keleş. He emphasizes that the fields of activity of SAHA İstanbul use high technology and attach utmost importance to R&D works. Besides, he states that they guide the companies occasionally with respect to the needs in the industry by assisting their R&D works.

İlhami Keleş tells that they put tens of projects with strategic importance into practice and they will go on producing the new ones. “Our objective is to raise the number of our members to 500 at the end of 2019. SAHA İstanbul was accepted into the European Aerospace Cluster Partnership this year. It will be the representative of aviation industry in Turkey within the EU at the next stage,” adds he.

Companies unite their forces
İhami Keleş remarks the projects which were among the objectives of SAHA İstanbul and came to realize successfully this year. Keleş specifies that they form consortiums by gathering the companies of different industries as the component of a project which are either the producers of sub-system or system. He continues as follows:
“One of our objectives is to generate production groups for the sub-systems which cannot be produced in Turkey and to achieve their production… We create a consortium for a product by grouping five or six companies. In this way, the production of numerous strategic products which a single company cannot come through becomes possible. Even, we plan to convert those companies into the new manufacturers of that system in the future. At the next stage, we aim to export these systems to the world.”

Preparations for SAHA EXPO 2020 started
The second SAHA EXPO Defence, Aerospace/Aviation, Space Industry Fair which was held in 2018 for the first time by SAHA İstanbul will take place between March 25 and March 28, 2020. Products of the companies which specialize in design, development and production of the sub-systems and components of the platforms on the cutting edge that will be used in maritime, aviation and space industries will be exhibited at the fair.
The members of SAHA İstanbul and the international companies which operate in defence, aviation and space industries will attend SAHA EXPO 2020. The participants will be able to meet the main national and international manufacturers there. They will find the opportunity to introduce themselves and show their production capabilities and potential. The fair regarded as the premise of national and international strategic collaborations will host the representatives and purchasing groups of the official and private institutions in Turkey and abroad.

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