New book from Almula Merter: A Reunion, Love and Farewell Story Nine Months and Ten Days

Almula Merter, theater actor and writer, has traveled the world and learned the cultures and the languages of the places where she lived. Merter, who continues her career in London, told her experiences during the period when she met Rob, the love of her life, and decided to struggle to adopt a child together and his father Ferdi Merter’s illness in her new book.

Almula Merter Churm, who married Robert Churm in England in 2014 and adopted two orphaned brothers last year, wrote these important milestones in her new book. The author also told her farewell to her father Ferdi Merter, who passed away on September 19, 2018, until when she struggled to keep him alive.

The book, which underlines becoming pregnant with her heart, having two children with her prayers, protecting the loved ones and her family with all her heart and the spiritual values ignored by the illusion of the material world, will not only be your bedside book. It will take place at the end of your tongue, at the end of your eye and in your soul. The ‘Nine Months Ten Days’ which is published from Mona Publications tells about a struggle, life battle and the war of woman who walks between winning and losing to not give up being a family.

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