New Book Release by Ece Temelkuran: How to Lose a Country

New Book Release by Ece Temelkuran:
How to Lose a Country

Turkish journalist and author Ece Temelkuran’s new book titled ‘How to Lose a Country’ was published by the British publishing house 4th Estate Books. The book will later be translated into 10 languages.
Ms Temelkuran, who has been living in Zagreb for a while, announced on Twitter that her new book ‘How to Lose a Country’ (Bir Ülke Nasıl Kaybedilir) will be published first in English and then in various foreign languages.
The publisher 4th Estate Books described Temelkuran’s new book as “An urgent call to action from one of Europe’s most well-regarded political thinkers.” The publishing house stated on its Twitter, “No longer can the reasonable comfort themselves with ‘it couldn’t happen here.’ It is happening. And soon it may be too late.”

‘How to Lose a Country’ is a “field guide” to identify ‘The Seven Warning Signs of Rising Populism’ that is sweeping the globe, according to the author.
Explaining her main motivation as “a struggle to not to lose a country”, Temelkuran noted, “I am not just speaking out about Turkey. I think the whole world is in a similar political turmoil. I’ve written such a book because I think some other countries began to fall as well. Hope no one loses their countries.”
In February, Temelkuran presented her new book to the public through a series of launch events in UK. Especially her session at the Parliament had attracted a large number of readers who had a chance to discuss the book’s arguments with the author herself.

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