Ömür Yeğinsu: “The Key for Opening to the World is Rooted in Education”

The founder of Futureminds Educational, Ömer Yeğinsu, provides admission of the students in Turkey by the schools having reputation in the international arena in the UK with the personalized education maps that he prepares individually. Thanks to Yeğinsu’s professional mentoring, the students fairly wear armors against the failure risk in the education arena. At the end of a rigorous preparatory process, the students whose foreign language and academic knowledge levels reach international standards are transformed into self-confident world citizens with strengthened personalities.

Reportage: Kevser Devecioğlu

The founder of Futureminds Educational, Ömür Yeğinsu, has been living in London since 1987. Ömür Yeğinsu is a woman who has radically changed the lives of hundreds of children of different ages, to whom she has been mentoring, as if she had a magic wand in her hands. The reason why she has moved to London is that she wanted her son, Can, and her second child, Ceylan, who were born in the 80s, to open up to the world by having deep-rooted education. Yeğinsu, who advised students in Turkey and in the United Kingdom, had her first target as her children, heirs of a rich culture, to receive the right education without losing that identity, to become self-confident individuals with personalities, to determine their targets accurately and to become citizens of the world who contribute to the country and she has preferred the British education system due to all of these reasons.
Ömür Yeğinsu mentors the students who live in Turkey and want to continue their education in the UK as well as the students living in the UK and want to be admitted to private schools having international reputation. She works target-oriented in university, graduate, secondary, high school, boarding school, vocational English, summer school, IELTS subjects. There are many reasons why Yeğinsu preferred England, about which she said “I believe it is the cradle of education”. She says “They have transformed the education of the 1263s into a system with slight touches based on the development of today’s world. It’s not an education, it’s a system. Since our founding, we have been deeply understanding the international cultures and types of education and we are giving conscious and holistic education consultancy to people at 0-12 years, 13-18 years, 18+.”
Individuals with Analytical Perspective and Understanding Cause-Effect Relationship are Raised
At Futureminds Educational London, all services are tailored individually for each consulting person. Yeğinsu, who gives personal mentorship in this form, offers magical touches to the students with the “educational secrets” that she gives to the individuals. She fairly provides armors to her children whom she prepares for the British schools which provide very good education and accepts students very difficultly. She provides the children with academic knowledge that will enable them to be admitted to the schools they are targeting, as well as strengthening their personalities and giving them an analytical perspective in the preparatory process. She transforms them into self-confident individuals who can stand on their feet and solve their problems on their own. Because the high test scores of the children do not mean too much to be successful in the British education system. In addition to the academic knowledge, the students who are able to analyze events correctly, are questioning, ambitious, confident and have goals can succeed in this system. Yeğinsu, who noted that the whole process should be tailored to achieve the desired results, stated that the students who came to England with fabricated consultancy companies become unsuccessful most of the time and return to their countries or lose money, time and labor in schools that do not contribute to their careers or personalities.
“I give clues on how to walk through the challenging paths of education”
Ömür Yeğinsu prepares an education map for each student who gets consultancy from her and she summarizes her works as follows: “At the first interview with the child, I identify personal secrets. He will go abroad and make a trip he doesn’t know about. He has a way ahead of him where he has no idea how to walk. A way full of difficulties. They have always walked straight down the road. I have to tell them the secrets of how to walk this difficult way. Where is the bend, where is the straight road, where should we climb? When I tell all this, the child feels ready for the journey.” So, which topics does Yeğinsu give priority to when preparing an education map? What does she pay attention to for the education secrets she will give to her clients? Yeğinsu continues: “we consider the person’s family structure, the growth between 1-4 years, education he took at home and school between 4-7 years, development and education between 7-13 and 13-18 years, strong and weak sides of the persons older than 18, character structure, and how he wants to build the future in material-spiritual terms. What armors will he need to survive in the future of the world as a human being in his country and all the countries of the world? Is his country’s armor enough for him to stand up in the world? If not, what should be done? How can errors be corrected? The most important thing is that: All preparations should be made according to the capacity and abilities of the person before going on stage.”
“Your family and education are like your skin, they don’t change”
Yeğinsu, who noted that the education map is a very individual study, continues: “The mentoring process is a process in which we form the pillars of the family and the future of the young. A mentoring meeting lasting for 1-2 hours. The family and the student, applying all of the information we provide, will realize that they create awareness of the individual’s character and education when they take the necessary steps towards their goals by making great progress in their own worlds.” Yeğinsu, who states that she directs the children and the youth going to the UK from Turkey for them to live in peace for 3-4 years and to become successful, says “after the age of 18, you will not be able to delete anything from your life. Your family and education are like your skin, you can’t change them, it hurts.”
Yeğinsu identifies the success by saying “The person who can stand on two legs in life and survive not only in his own country but also in the world is called successful. This is also world citizenship. You will exist from nothing, so you will not destroy the existing. Brain and personality hand in hand means success.” Yeğinsu draws attention to certain age groups on the road to success and states that even if they do not receive special counseling, parents can observe their children very well at these ages, and that neglecting issues that need special attention will lead to failure of the children. Yeğnsu, who also mentioned about the importance of 0-7, 7-13 and 13-18 age groups, said “The most exciting and unmissable years in one’s development, brain and character structure. The most beautiful journeys of our families, schools and children… Years and development that you cannot change later even if you wish. I believe that the family, education and the country’s ministry of education play a very important role in these years. This is such a role that you may make mistakes that you cannot change for life and it will be difficult to remove.”

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