Onur attracted attention with “A Millennial Rhapsody”

Londoner ONUR with his new album “A Millenial Rhapsody” entered the music charts both in the UK and Turkey. France’s famous music blog Sound of Brit also featured Onur’s original music.

Following the vibe Onur created after the release of his three singles last year, London-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Onur has now introduced his new album ‘A Millennial Rhapsody’ ‘Move Too Soon,’ ‘A Millennial Raphsody’ and ‘Beautiful Mind’ to the listeners on various media platforms.
Favouried by many radio and music blogs and magazines including Earmilk, Reprezent, Hoxton Radio, Onur attracted the attention of EDM pioneer Martin Garrix. As soon of it was released ONUR’s debut album, “A Millennial Rhapsody”, composed of three songs, has landed on many Spotify play lists, like All New India, Solaris, New Music Friday UK and New Music Friday Turkey. France’s famous music blog, ‘Sound of Brit ’also featured Onur’s original music with the title ‘Who is this ONUR?’. Receiving tappreciation and admiration from many radio and music blogs and magazines, Onur also attracted the attention of EDM pioneer Martin Garrix.
The young 22-year-old from London, has succeeded in turning her dreams and facts into original melodies through emotional notes and guitar. He combined the tunes of old with modern music and reflected three different streams in three compositions. While ‘Move Too Soon’ attracted the fantasies and experiences of a great night, the song, called ‘A Millennial Rhapsody’ which shares the same name with the album received its inspiration from Brexit.
“The country is in the hands of old people. The history is repeating, itself” says ONUR, expressing his concern. “As a young generation, we do get involve with art, culture and music and we can express ourselves well. This song is about my abstinence from the stupid rule of the country. I’m showing my middle finger to the establishment who is afraid to explain that it is unfair”, he says. ONUR’s EP launch of ‘A Millennium Rhapsody ’ took place in London’s well known night club, The Social on May 4th. ONUR’s new concert will be at St Johns Church in Hoxton on the 15th June 2019.

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