Phase four in England’s normalization plan postponed

In order to remove the Covid-19 restrictions, the 4 stages in the normalization plan, which the England has been carrying out gradually since March, have been postponed for 4 weeks.

The decision to postpone the fourth and final stage of normalization, which was planned to be passed on June 21, was taken due to the fact that the number of cases started to increase again due to the spread in the Indian (Delta) variant.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his decision to postpone it for 4 weeks at a press conference on Monday. Prime Minister Johnson stated that they are “determined” that the current Covid restrictions will also be lifted on July 19, and that the four-week postponement will “enable more people to be vaccinated”. Johnson previously stated that there will be no return to normalization steps; For this reason, he said that no new step would be taken without being sure.

Continuation of the vaccination program without any problems during the 4-stage normalization plan; It is aimed to decrease the number of deaths and hospitalizations due to the virus.

Health officials expressed their concern that hospital admissions would increase significantly if the transition to the fourth stage was not delayed. With the recent increase in the number of cases, scientists have warned that more people should receive two doses of vaccine before normalization.

According to this, while social distance and contact rules continue to be applied for four more weeks, it is planned to complete the second doses of the vaccines. Thus, even if the number of people infected with Covid-19 increases, it is aimed to reduce hospitalizations to a large extent.

On June 21, the target of full normalization was set
According to the government’s roadmap, the fourth phase of coronavirus normalization aims to remove all social contact restrictions. There will be no person limit at weddings and indoor event areas. However, masks and social distancing will continue. This phase, which was targeted as 21 June, was postponed to 19 July.

What does stage 3 normalization involve?
The third phase, passed on May 17, will continue to be implemented for another four weeks. At this stage, nightclubs remain closed, while working from home continues to be encouraged. There is a limit of 30 people for outdoor gatherings. People from two separate households are allowed to meet in the same house. Cinemas, hotels, arts and sports events are open with social distancing rules. Up to 10,000 people are allowed in football stadiums.

In the UK, where the number of daily cases exceeded 7500 in the last week, 90 percent of the currently detected coronavirus cases are the Delta variant originating in India.