Qbicart Digital Art School is becoming global!

Qbicart Online Art School, which offers everyone from all around the world the chance to enhance themselves in various art branches, started its online art education. Oxford-based Art School which aims every child to reach art accepts children starting from the age of four.

Qbicart Digital Art School which aims children from all around the world to express themselves through art; has 30 art instructors from various branches of visual arts. Qbicart’s founder Kübra Müjde says: “We grow by imitating the nature and what we see in our environment. But we also have our imagination which is unique immaculate, untouched and brand-new. We aim to reveal this treasure.”.


Qbicart, founded by artist Kübra Müjde, has been continuing its path as a Digital Art School since September. Painter Kübra Müjde from Mesopotamia who gave face to face art lessons and organized museum meetings for children for the past three years in different cities of England including London and Oxford says that the reason that Qbicart has directed its way through digital is that the new standards of our world have led to it: The fact that every activity now has an online version of it.

Kübra Müjde indicates that in the process of having an art education, the team of Qbicart helps the students to make a journey to their imagination. Moreover, she says that Qbicart Digital Art School’s attitude during the meetings and what they prioritize isn’t children to draw what they exactly see but to help and lead them in the realization process of their own imagination’s effect on their artworks.

Qbicart has weekly live broadcasts on social media titled “Merhaba Çocuklar”. In these broadcasts, the aim is to have conversations related to art education’s significance upon the children and adults. During this period Qbicart had proposals for cooperation from various museums and foundations. Qbicart remarks that it is open to any idea or cooperation that will help them to reach more children. You can reach all the information that you need from their webpage: www.qbicart.com.

Certificated Online Education

Kübra Müjde continues telling: “While our programs start from the age of 4 we have workshops for adults as well. We help students to be self-confident and to express themselves through art while they enjoy themselves by interpretation, improvisation, or anything they want. At the end of 6 months, the student deserves a certificate which is valid in many countries.”.

Müjde highlights that during the time that they accompany children they also make a connection between the history of art: famous painters and sculptors.


Why is Art Important for Children?

Qbicart accompanies children in their journey of art and defines them as unique artists. While discovering themselves during these art lessons, children also develop their communication skills.

Qbicart aims children to become individuals, who express themselves through art, increase their awareness, become self-confident, think creatively, have different perspectives, be imaginative, be curious, be intellectual, and have good communication.

Since its foundation in 2005 in Mesopotamia Qbicart has organized various art and museum meetings all around the world, has accompanied several and personal art journeys, and proceeding its development in online education with 84 children and 30 art instructors. The biggest dream of Qbicart is to establish a permanent “ Children Art Museum”…

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