Return home from ‘the global village’

Coronavirus that first appeared in the Chinese New Year on January 25 has come to the world’s fore as the only topic, almost two months ago. Nowadays when we prepare the March-April issue of our magazine, almost all countries have closed their borders and put themselves under quarantine, against coronavirus, which turned almost the entire world into a huge quarantine camp. This ‘pandemic’, which once again closes its own borders and even inside their homes, – ‘Global village’ – see McLuhan- continues to influence the world deeply as the biggest threat of the ‘global economy’ has ever seen, as well as human health.
In this issue, now we are offering a file gathering together the economic effects of the coronavirus, which has now turned into a pandemic. In our file, we included headlines of this unprecedented period that the ups and downs in the stock exchanges and the unbelievable decline in oil prices, of slowing down all the gears of the economy wheel, up to the factories that have stopped production and most importantly, the workforce that cannot continue their work because spare parts are being supplied from the airlines that come to a standstill with the closing of the borders has been disrupted, because of the chain effect of the cessation of production in China that the largest supplier of the global economy.
In the UK, since the first days of 2020, while concentrating on its roadmap after Brexit, it has focused on the pandemic like all other countries for several weeks. However, before that, the government announced the New Immigration System, which is one of the most important issues to be resolved after Brexit. IR35 legislation, which is a very serious issue for those who work for their own business, has been delayed until April 2021 throughout this epidemic instead of coming into force on April 6. You can find the details of these two issues related to working life and visas on our pages.
Various events that we sponsor as Turkish British magazine were postponed like many other things in life. We hope that, as the spring starts, people would return to their daily life and continue to deal with all the world affairs thanks to the momentum and motivation that would close the distance created by today’s uncertainty environment.
Stay healthy and take care of yourself…

Ayla Torun
Chief Editor

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