Furlough support extended until March 2021

It has been announced that the furlough support paid to those who cannot work in the UK will continue until the end of March 2021. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, started to lockdown for the second time in England today, while furlough support was also extended.

Furlough support paid to employees and business owners who are deemed to be on compulsory leave, which has been implemented since March, when the coronavirus pandemic started, has been extended until March 2021 with the new quarantine decision that came into effect today. Finance Minister Rishi Sunak announced that 80 percent of the salaries of employees who were on compulsory leave by their employers during the coronavirus epidemic will continue to be paid by the state.

The furlough support, which was initially planned for three months, continued at 80% until August, then it was announced that it would end at the end of October by decreasing to 70% and 50%. However, due to the increase in the course of the pandemic in the autumn, its rate was decreased and extended until December. With this new decision, the Government will continue to provide salary support to employees who are deemed on leave to protect jobs damaged by the pandemic and keep the economy alive for a year.

Ankara Agreements also benefit from salary support

Furlough support will again cover 80% of salaries up to £ 2500. Employees, company directors and self-employed persons who are deemed on leave from the support will continue to benefit. The Turkish business people who is in the United Kingdom with Ankara Agreement visa and established that own business before the last tax year can benefit from the Job Retention Scheme.

The State has spent approximately 40 billion pounds for salary support, which 9 million 600 thousand people have benefited so far.

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