Things to do in London in June!

Originally posted on May 20, 2019 @ 3:30 pm

Here come the best times in London! The weather gets warmer and days are longer, summer is on its way, so we Londoners have more time to explore the city! In June, to make sure you get the most of sunshine, join more to outdoor activities.

Let the Cinemas Out!
Open-air cinemas are popping up in many places around London in June. From Royal Opera House to Rooftop Film Clubs, and from the middle of Royal Parks to the open-air deck of a boat, there are lots of options based on budget to spend a summer night out. Yes, there is always chance of rain in London, but as all Londoners know, it wouldn’t spoil the moment!

Open Garden Squares
You know those gardens with locked metal bars written ‘Private Garden, Residents Only’, right? Most of them will be visitable on June 8- 9. From historic buildings’ gardens or allotments, to squares or spaces surrounded by buildings, hundreds of private gardens, which are usually closed to the public, will be opening their doors for a whole weekend.

Movies on the Boat
Imagine you can enjoy floating through the River Thames while watching your favourite film! All outdoor screenings rock but some rock more than others! Movies on the River project is around from June till August. On the open-air deck of the boat, they provide a blanket to snuggle, so you still can get the cosiness of watching a film.

Loads of Music Festivals!
In June, the coolest music festivals like All Points East, Mighty Hoopla, Field Day are all in London. Also, a new festival is hitting this June, Cross the Tracks is the new Jazz, Funk and Soul festival of the city. Another option is to listen Kylie Minogue will be in the Hampton Court Palace Festival. So, get ready for lots of noise Londoners!

Parks are calling!
Why not having a chill time without any cost! With the lush green trees and grassy meadows, Royal Parks are at their best now. Flowers are all in full bloom and perfect sight for sore eyes! Bring a picnic or just drinks and chill out for the afternoon. Oh, yes there is always an ice cream van around!

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