Things to do in London

Summer in London is one of the most loved times of the year, not because the weather is mostly favourable, but there are so much going on! Here’s our pick of things to do in London!

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Walking Tours
Fancy trying new experiences in the city? One of the best things to do in London during the summer is taking a walking tour. There are lots of different types of tours that can grab your attention. Get to know the historical past of London by joining tours like The Beatles or the Jack the Ripper. If you’re into movies and TV, you can save your space for Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes tours. Or if you’re a foodie, indulge your appetite with an eating tour in the diverse cuisines of London. Remember to take the comfiest trainer or walking shoes!

Family day at the PYO Farms!
Don’t miss the best time to visit pick-your-own farms since the fruits are all in their best now! The sun is mostly out and there couldn’t be a better family day out than going for picking up fresh berries, veggies or even flowers. Pick as many fruit and vegetables as you can carry and feast with the summer harvest! They have usually cafes, picnic areas on the sites to have snacks. However, you’re more than welcome to bring your own food and turn the picking fruits and veggie day into a picnic day! 

Museum of the Moon
Spending an afternoon to see the model of the Moon in the Natural History Museum is one of the most unmissable experiences in London.
The Museum of the Moon is created by British artist Luke Jerram, sculpting by using the high-resolution NASA image of our the one and only satellite.
The artwork offers an interactive experience of the Moon with a surround-sound and moonlight composition, which leaves a deep impression on the visitors.
It’s also possible to have a drink or to join a lunar-themed yoga class under the moon. It’s up until January 2020 and entrance is free of charge.

Lavender Season 
One of the most popular destinations in summer is lavender fields around London. You don’t need to go to Provence to see these picturesque views of lavender fields.
Since they’re popular and Instagram famous from July to September, they can get quite busy at the weekends, so I highly recommend you go the weekdays if possible. As well as taking the best photos with a purple background and bringing freshly picked lavender bunches to home, you can also buy natural goodies such as aromatherapy oils, soaps, fragrances and skincare products.

Beach days 
Get yourself down to the south coast to cool off and chill during the summer. When the heatwave hits the city, you may find yourself desperately checking the best beaches near London. The beaches like Brighton, Camber Sands, Botany Bay, Whitstable, Mersea Island and Hastings all take less than two hours from London, which is just a stone’s thrown distance. 

Whether you do any of these activities or not, just keep yourself outside and enjoy the sun while it lasts!

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