The community of optimists, Turkey Mozaik Foundation supports goodness…

Turkey Mozaik Foundation based in London, which priotises subjects such as children, women, education, health and the environment, has been helping the NGOs in Turkey since 2017. The aim is to make difference for someone in life…

Turkey Mozaik Foundation has been founded within the scope of the UK laws at the end of 2017 by a small group of people who have been living in London for a long time and who want to support the civil society in their native land. The purpose of its establishment is to create sources for the civil society organizations which make a difference in Turkey, but are in need of financial assistance, have difficulty in access to the financial resources and work with the people in need directly at the base level.

The founders of Turkey Mozaik Foundation summarise their reasons of creating such a platform as “We think that we can contribute significantly to the development of civil society in Turkey if we support the innovative solutions of different NGOs. Because an active civil society continues to be one of the main stakeholders of a democratic society. We hope that the foundation is located abroad will have significant role in increasing the supports given to the civil society in Turkey by establishing collaboration with similar institutions.”

The founders state that “Initially, we defined ourselves as a group of ‘optimists’. As we have obtained more support than we imagined at the end of our first year, we feel more optimistic at the moment because we have already supported many projects and institutions in Turkey.”

Turkey Mozaik Foundation makes a difference in life with its projects
Turkey Mozaik Foundation helped 19 NGOs in the year 2018. As their founding, their topics of priority are children, women, education, health and environment… All NGOs which have been supported work on these topics. Some NGOs are supported for institutional capacity building. For example like a new employee’s annual salary. Some NGOs are supported for a designated project. For example, preparation of materials for a specific training program and conducting training.

Some of the projects that Turkey Mozaik makes a difference in are provising computer training to young women, educating both parents and children against child abuse, ringing and scientifically researching the birds, educating the teachers to create change in village schools or adaptation of village children with each other through sports and games. The founders say “the supported NGOs work in every corner of Turkey and it is very important for us to be able to measure the difference we make and then to describe it in details to our supporters.”

Turkey Mozaik Foundation raises funds both from individual donors and from institutional donors who comply with ethical values. Generally, the founders summarize the areas that they raise funds as follows: “The activities organized by our supporters who are inspired by our work from time to time for the benefit of Turkey Mozaik Foundation also contribute to us. Our fundraising methods include a wide spectrum of activities ranging from online donations to donations created as result of various cultural and artistic activities. However, we have focused primarily on mobilizing people interested in such issues around donors on this journey. In the first year of our founding, we summarized our fund-raising history and all supported institutions in our 2018 Annual Report. Briefly, we have collected donations of more than 126 thousand Pounds and we have distributed these funds to the institutions in Turkey after a very sensitive and detailed analysis and study period by selecting the institutions and projects that are within our areas of interest and meet our criteria. We have worked with partners in Turkey and one of them is the Support Foundation for Civil Society. We work with them at every step of the application and selection process.”

Turkey’s voice will be heard more in the global economy
The most important impact of Turkey Mozaik Foundation, which offers support to the civil society organizations in Turkey from the UK, is that it is a channel that supports the donors who live abroad, who have social issues about Turkey in their agenda and want to make impact on these.

“As we are an association registered in the UK, there are of course some tax advantages of donating in the UK. This model itself can be reproduced in other countries too. The important thing is that the motivated people who want to come together and adapt these and similar models to the works they want to do.” said the founding members and continued to mention that “Turkey Mozaik Foundation will both actively raise more funds for improvement of the civil society in our country and make the civil society initiatives to raise their voices globally by working together with similar institutions and maybe persons abroad”.

The founding team which draws attention to the fact that it is going to be a process which motivates the donors in Turkey says the following for the works carried out between the two countries:
“Thus, it can be ensured that the mutual works are supported by mutual decisions. It can be a different motivation that the donors in Turkey can be replicated with support of other donor institutions. As Turkey Mozaik Foundation, we know that some of our supported institutions and projects find it very difficult to reach to financial supports in Turkey and we find even more happiness as we can make contributions to particularly these institutions and projects.”

The team continues to explain its works: “We, as the founding team, work voluntarily and for Turkey Mozaik Foundation by taking time from our works and families. Our belief in walking on the right way is strengthened and it makes us look at the future with more hope and excitement every moment when we have a new supporter, the supported institutions write us appreciation message and we follow our positive impacts on the social media.”
The founding team have a final message: “If you are living in the UK and want to support children, women, education, health and environment issues in Turkey, we invite you to get to know Turkey Mosaic Foundation better. You can follow us on Instagram and Facebook, subscribe to our e-mails, participate in the events we organize and of course support us at”

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