Turkish Business Media

The “ Turkish British” Magazine aims to be the voice of the Turkish speaking community and to be the bridge with other communities.

The target audience of the magazine which started its broadcasting life in May 2019, is both the Turkish speaking community and the other communities which it has integrated into.

It is published in 2 separate languages, Turkish and English.

The magazine which is published in a special size of 20,5×27,5 cm as 84 pages, includes current issues from the UK, Turkey and the World in general and special interviews from various sectors. Its pages comprises of the presentation of the UK’s historical and touristic sites, news on health, education, culture-art, entrepreneurs and start-ups, special delicacies, in brief;  everything regarding people and life.

The digital platform of the magazine which has reached in excess of 50 thousand unique visitors in a short period of time and which has received more than 200 thousand page views, continues to increase its number of readers every day.

With an extensive distribution network, Turkish-British magazine is delivered free of charge to notable locations in Turkey and UK and easily reaches its readers on digital magazine platforms.

It is distributed in important events and fairs both in Turkey and UK:

The magazine which is supported by private and public institutions in Turkey and the UK, has achieved significant success is a short span of time and managed to become the voice of all Turkish entrepreneurs and business people resident in the UK


Why the United Kingdom?

The business & life magazine of Turkish and British business people;

Not only does the UK have one of the largest economies in the World, it is also one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan countries. In its cities,  it is very common to hear every language spoken in the World. As always; by having the most diverse line of work it tops the list of countries with the highest rate of immigration.

As the immigrants can freely reside and flourish in the UK in terms of preserving their culture, immigrants who come to the UK within the scope of international agreements, provide significant contributions and create social wealth with their enterprises and integration with both the British public and other ethnic communities.

One of the most efficient and active of these groups is the “ Turkish speaking community”. There are approximately 400 thousand Turkish speaking people in the UK which has a total population close to 70 million. It is easy to identify a very large group of entrepreneurs who have arrived and settled in the UK especially under the Ankara agreement and ECAA visas in the last 10 years. This community which provides significant input to the UK economy and which has successfully integrated with other communities, continues to maintain successful business relations and is expanding with newcomers. Some of the main areas which the community excels in are; IT, food & beverage, health, cinema, advertising, art and politics.


“Verba volant scripta manent” (Latin): while words may disappear, scripts will remain

“Turkish British” Magazine has set forth to share and present the experiences of this community which has covered a significant distance in the integration process to the UK.

With news and articles pertaining to the Turkish speaking community and the UK; the magazine aims to contribute to the economic and cultural relationship between these communities via the medium of media.

No matter how digitalised the media may have become in the World, we believe that nothing can give the joy of a magazine which you can flick the pages, inhale the smell of ink, touch the photographs, carry in your bag, read whenever and wherever you like and preserve the favourite pages and once more state that “while words may disappear, scripts will remain”

“Turkish British” magazine is the first step in establishing a media group for entrepreneurs of the Turkish and Turkish speaking community.

Published magazines, web site, social media presence will be included in the media group thus it aims to fulfil an important void in this field.

“Turkish British” Magazine will be a solid and sincere bridge between Turkey and the UK.