Turkish – British cultural line: Refresh Yrslf

Refresh Yrslf – Refresh Yourself, established in the UK by Dilek Polat Sesli, continues on its way as a unique, sharing, determined personal development activity platform.

Dilek Polat Sesli, whose story started with her family in London in 2016, is one of the founders of the “Refresh Yrslf ”platform. After coming to the UK, Polat Sesli who made researches about what she could do for a while and participated in various network meetings she established the “Refresh Yrslf – Refresh Yourself” platform with her close friends who settled in London at about the same time.
For Polat Sesli, who was born and raised in Europe, she underwent a serious individual adaptation process in order to transform the approaches and differences in professional life in terms of social cultural harmony. This adaptation process was the inspiration of Refresh Yrslf.

6 Women joined their forces
Refresh Yrslf conducted first activity on 6 May 2017 with Dilek Polat Sesli and her friends Ayşen Topkaya, Esra Kızır Gökçen, İnci Türkay, Zerrin Türe Sütçü and Yasemin Eskiyapan Kurtaran. “This is actually keystone of Turkey – England cultural line as an important bridge,” said and continues:
“On this platform our priority was to create an important sharing platform for meeting ,acquaintance and exchanging our experiences that will help each other for Turkish people who are in “similar” situation and have personal experiences and as a result of this natural sharing that we wanted to create a common personal development platform that we could learn from our experiences.”

2 years passed in our story
Two years have passed since the first activity of Refresh Yrslf…After two years,Sesli remarks Refresh Yrslf has started to get stronger to become an authentic, sharing and determined personal development activity platform. Sesli, “Sometimes 5 people, sometimes we were 55 people. In time we started to have meetings not only in Turkish but also in English which is our new homeland’s mother tongue, in a short time we held English meetings as common language in our multinational organizations. We noticed that the most important key feature of this platform which undertakes a unifying role between Turkish speaking communities and multinational communities whose common language is English” she says.Up to now,in Refresh Yrslf held totally 43 events which 29 of them were in Turkish and 14 were in English. As a result of this; non-governmental organizations both in the UK and Turkey could have financial support from these events.
In next term,as of September 2019, Refresh Yrslf will keep on monthly meetings in both Turkish and English events about family,women,health,career and life. The details of the new projects will be announced to Refresh Yrslf followers in summer.

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