TurkishBank UK hosted banks and fintechs

The world of finance has shown a keen interest in the meeting in which TurkishBank UK, operating in London for 45 years, has brought together Turkish and global financial institutions as well as Fintechs.

SIBOS, the largest financial organization in the world, was hosted in London for the first time this year at a meeting organized by TurkishBank UK that brought together Turkish and global financial institutions as well as Fintechs.
On the terrace of the TurkishBank UK branch in the Mayfair district, in the heart of London, distinguished participants discussed the future of the financial world. During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to make many contacts in a short time. The meeting began at 18:00 and continued until 23:00 with intense interest.
TurkishBank UK prepares to guide Fintechs

After the great interest in the invitation, Hakan Börteçene, Chairman of the Board of TurkishBank UK, said: “This great interest gives us the duty to act as guide for the Turkish Fintechs in London, and the message that Global Fintechs expect us to have the same duty in the Turkish market. I believe that the Fintech centers that we intend to open first in Turkey and then in London will be very useful for this purpose.”
TurkishBank UK is a member of an 118-year-old Group operating in the banking sector in 3 countries including Turkey, Cyprus, and the UK. The Bank that has been carrying out its activities in London for 45 years primarily offers banking services to Turkish society. TurkishBank UK, whose mission is to serve the Turkish-speaking community, has seven branches in London.

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