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Originally posted on September 2, 2019 @ 1:27 pm

Dear readers,

We started our journey with the aim of showcasing Turkish business world in United Kingdom and the business ties between the two countries. The first issue of our magazine “Turkish British” received much appreciation and approval from our readers. So now, we are glad to present our brand new issue and hopefully it will be met with the same level of enthusiasm as our first.

Our magazine was a hit in both Turkey and England
“Turkish British” is the first and the only magazine in that is concerned with the lives and businesses of Turkish business people in England. It is thought that there are more than 70 thousand companies in England that are owned by Turkish people. That’s quite a lot for any economy, including England. We as Turkish British magazine, continue our work while keeping Turkish and British business people in the center of our focus.
We would like to thank our friends, businesses and colleagues for believing in us and showing their support.
Our first issue was read by more than 40 thousand people online. More than 2000 copies were downloaded as PDF files. The printed versions of our magazine were posted to many addresses and were distributed in many events and places across London.

What’s in our new issue?
Turkish British is full of fresh and unique topics this month. Since it is the summer season, we analyze Turkey’s tourism in our main discussion. Turkey has shown the biggest growth in European tourism activities, and it was a record year for the number of visitors received. Turkey was the second most preferred destination for British tourists in 2018, and it looks like it still is, in 2019.

In this issue of our magazine, we have many interesting hot topics about businessworld, the world of arts, social life, England and Turkey.
Thank you everyone, for strengthening us with your support.
Enjoy our magazine….
More to follow.

Ayla Torun, PhD
Chief Editor

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