Welcome back to this new issue of Turkish British magazine.

Dear readers,

Welcome back to this new issue of Turkish British magazine. As we stated in our outward manifest, our magazine works at building a solid bridge between Turkey and UK.

We see that the magazine has earned followers and admiration both  from Turkey and the UK. We are also excited  about the increasing online reading and downloading rates after each issue; this shows us  that we are on the right track.

We continue to  pursue our mission of making the business world visible in the two countries. Meanwhile, we were invited as a media organization to very important events in both countries and undertook the media sponsorship of various events by bringing together business people from both countries.

We have followed up many events for you and brought them to our pages. We are also pleased to learn from your comments that our unique and updated news contents highlight the agenda of our community in the country.

What’s in our new issue?

Dear readers, Turkish British has once again prepared a special content for you this month. In our new issue, our cover focuses on; buying real estate from the UK, which has recently drawn attention as an attractive investment alternative.

We prepared a detailed guide for potential buyers and investors. How to buy a house in the UK, which areas are booming, which areas are valuable, mortgage options, government schemes, new housing projects, insights into the post-Brexit real estate market and the opinions of experienced experts are all in our special guide.

We also obtained interesting information while doing research to prepare the cover article. For example; according to official figures, about 300,000 Londoners are moving to a new city or rural areas each year. It seems that people are leaving London on the one hand, and new people are replacing those who have left London. The cities around London are quite attractive right now. Because people can live in neighbouring cities that are within easy reach, in more affordable budgets than in London, but in larger houses. They don’t have to quit their jobs.

We had a unique interview with the writer Elif Shafak, who has been living in London for a long time and who is an immigrant.

Zehra Aydın, who describes herself as a “beginner Londoner, wrote about  Hampstead for those who would like to have a pleasant day out.

Thank you again for help us growing through your support.

Enjoy  your reading…

Stay tuned,


Ayla Torun, Ph.D


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