Yazılıkaya inspired Faure

Contemporary artist’s painting “Taurus” meets the art lovers in Venice.

The international contemporary artist Patrick Faure is going to meet art lovers in Venice. In parallel with the Venice Biennale, which starts in May, Patrick Faure’s paintings ’Taurus” with a theme of Yazilikaya and “They came at Night will be exhibited at Arte Spazio Tempo Gallery between 18th 31st May to the art lovers. Inspired by the first civilizations of Anatolia, the capital of the Hittites, Hattusa, he received great interests in the exhibitions he participated with his work ’Taurus’.

Monaco born contemporary artist Patrick Faure, who lives in UK, was acclaimed with his extraordinary works in the exhibitions both in Eskişehir in March with a theme of “We are All Icarus” in which he had the collection of his paintings inspired by Gobeklitepe and Yazilikaya and also at last year’s Contemporary Istanbul

In reference to his paintings inspired by Yazılıkaya, Patrick Faure states that Yazılıkaya is a catalyst of meta physical reflection rather than a monument. “Yazılıkaya themed paintings are examples of the mystery of Yazılıkaya. The paintings intentionally do not provide the audience with a clue that they are looking at Yazılıkaya or providing any explanation of it”, says Faure. He explains that the bright, glossy planets in his paintings tell us how little we know the universe and the ancient monuments and settlements such as Yazılıkaya. They could be the beings of the world beyond us, and that we should not ignore the possibility that they can introduce us to the unreachable riches.

The founder of his pioneering contemporary art form Faurizm, Patrick Faure defines Faurism as a kind of visual art that expresses the convergence of dreams, sexual desire, knowledge and wisdom. In his paintings, Faurizm finds shape with the juxtaposition of mythological fantasy and the modern man’s imagination.
Another collection of Patrick Faure is taking place in the group exhibitions at S & V Gallery in New York on May 2 – 13. His work has also been selected among many artists to be shown at the international START Art Fair, at the world-famous Saatchi Gallery in London between 26-29 September 2019.
After the Venice Biennale, Faure says that he will be working intensively for the preparation of the START Art Fair.

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