UK E-Commerce Market Sector Reports; Home Textiles – Cat & Dog Food sectors

The London Bridge Project (LBP) published monthly E-Commerce Sector Reports of the UK, announcing the details of the “Home Textile” and “Cat and Dog Food” markets this month.

London Bridge Project (LBP) is a consultancy company that provides services in the areas of Sales Consultancy ”,“ Sales Operation ”and” E-commerce Management” in order to provide the fastest and most effective access to the UK market for companies, especially Turkish companies. The LBP also regularly publishes detailed reports on different sectors each month. London Bridge Project is preparing these reports by analyzing the products and services correctly; identifies the market opportunity, identifies potential customers and aims to start the sales process as quickly as possible.

The UK is leading role in the e-commerce market!
“Home Textile ”and“ Cat and Dog Food ”market details announced by London Bridge Project (LBP) also included details of the e-commerce market. According to the report; e-commerce is the fastest growing retail market in Europe. Approximately 30% of the European e-commerce market is realized by the United Kingdom. With a market size of about 177 billion euros, the UK has a volume of about twice that of Germany and France.
It is predicted that growth will continue with the new investments of Amazon and EBay, the approach of local players to the customers with local solutions and the development of new transportation methods.

Amazon grows the market
Amazon has the biggest share with 16% of the UK e-commerce market. Amazon is followed by Tesco with 9% and eBay with 8%. On the other hand, chains of markets such as Asda and Sainsbury’s are taking different initiatives to bring consumers’ daily market needs into e-commerce. With Click & Collect, Asda and Tesco purchase online from the internet, deliver ready-made packages in the parking lot, or deliver purchases over a certain amount to the user at a time interval chosen by the user. These markets also guarantee freshness in products such as fruit and vegetables. Amazon bought WholeFoods and entered the field. With PrimeNow service Grocery category (Daily Needs) 2-hour delivery is guaranteed. It is deepening in the field with Amazon Flex service where individual couriers and distribution are made. Amazon continues to invest in the market with ambitious solutions in order to keep its leadership in the number of visitors and turnover. This enables the market to grow further.
Home textile e-commerce market
In the UK market, it is observed that the market for home textile products has developed rapidly and competition has increased recently. The high purchasing power increases the demand along with the insufficient supply of domestic production. Home textile products address the lower and middle income group in the e-commerce segment. In other words, consumers take a price-sensitive approach. In addition, the mid-upper segment, which prefers high-quality and personalized products, can prefer higher-priced products.
In terms of design, products with simple design and trendy colors are generally preferred. At this point, new and trendy designs should be the area where competition is least felt and new sellers can enter easily. In terms of technical textiles, the main determinants of demand are non-staining, easy ironing, thermal and waterproof ones…
The highest turnover in the market dominated by Amazon comes from the sales of bed sheets, quilts, bed linen, pillows, curtains and blankets. At the same time, such as bedding sets, quilts, products are seen as high profitability per unit of sales. When this situation leads to high competition in product sales, it is recommended for new players to enter the market with other sub-categories in this sales category. The competition is relatively low in bathrobes, oven gloves, towels, cloth napkins, table cloths, kitchen aprons and pique sets. When brand preference is in the background, product features and price advantage are the main factors in purchasing preferences.
As a result, the fact that the seller has not entered the market at the rate that will bring the market to saturation is an advantageous situation for the new entrants.
The low cost of cargo and shelving due to the packaging dimensions of the products in general can also be considered as a positive case. This situation is also considerably important in terms of shipping costs.
Cat-dog food e-commerce market
The report announced also includes market research on cat and dog food sales through Wet and dry varieties of both cat and dog food were analyzed separately.

Dry dog food
Generally, dry dog food in packages of 10 to 20 Kg beef, chicken, duck, lamb meat, salmon and dietary varieties are available on Amazon applies charges from 15-20% to 22% as Platform Usage Fee ( referral fee )for these products and charges FBA (Rack and Shipping) between £ 2.5 and £ 8, depending on the weight and size of the product.
After the Amazon deductions have been removed from the products, the average fees per kilogram vary depending on the product type. The smallest and largest price applied to these products per kg and their share as number of sales from dry dog food market are given in the table below:
Product Type % Percentage of Sales Minimum Sales Value
(1Kg/£) Highest Sales Value (1Kg/£)
Beef 8 0,33 0,81
Chicken Meat 52 0,02 4,10
Duck Meat 9 0,73 1,89
Lamb Meat 14 0,59 2,32
Other 18 0,56 3,49

For the brands sold in the market, the Royal Canin brand has the highest revenue. In dry dog food, the product content is generally prioritized.

Fresh Dog Food
Fresh dog food is sold as single meals or canned boxes. The products offered as a single meal of 100 gr are sold in packages of 30 to 98, while canned products ranging in weight from 350 to 450 gr are sold in packages of 2 to 18.
Fresh dog food packages include more than one type of formula such as chicken meat, lamb meat, shallow meat, duck meat, rabbit meat. The most important brands of the market are Forthglade, Lily’s Kitchen, PEDIGREE, Natures Menu, Cesar and ROYAL CANIN.

Cat food
Dry cat food weighing between 1 and 10 kg packages are preferred, while wet cat food 24, 48, 96’li sold as bag food is mainly preferred.

Market Opportunities
A total of 306 products were examined for the market research of cat and dog foods. The statistics for the estimated sales of the products examined are shown in the table below:
Food Type Avarage Highest Sales
Dry Dog Food 282 2251
Wet Dog Food 207 1929
Dry Cat Food 193 1984
Wet Cat Food 256 2184

As a result of the analysis, the following results were obtained:
* There are companies with high brand recognition in the market. Since these brands have their own customer base, it is difficult to reach the sales output of these brands in the short term,
* Due to the high demand, it is possible to realize sales at the first entry to the market close to the average sales figures stated in the table above, at the end of one year, it is estimated that a sales figure of 500-1500 units per month can be reached for each product group.

We will work on Amazon platform for cat-dog food sales according to the services you request:
• After the detailed analysis process, the necessary steps for the products to be sold in the market with appropriate competitive conditions will be determined in detail.
• The necessary photo shoots of the products will be taken according to Amazon standards and processed by us, graphic designs will be made. Weak points identified as a result of competitor analysis on the visuals will be highlighted in the product graphics and will be prepared for purchasing preferences.
• The text that will be created according to the basic features, separating points and explanations about the product will be written by our text authors.
• Amazon account opening and initial settings and preparations for product listing will be made. The product will be ready for sale by listing and then FBA (Amazon Prime Sales) transactions.
• A proper product management will be realized through daily controls in product sales processes and comment-review-question communication will be managed.

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